Ghost hunters real or fraud?

i enjoy the show ghost hunters immensly and am sick and tired of every1 sayn its fake. My opinio is if it was fake y do they have episodes were nothing happens at all? and if u dont think they have episodes with nothing in them ur an idiot because there r many. Also, they were doin this long before the tv show. they have been doin it since the early 90's and have never charged any1 a single cent. Maybe im being ridiculouse but episodes with nothing happening r bad tv and not charging people for that kind of service is unbelievably considerate. wat do u think?


can someone plz explain if its fake y they have episodes with NOTHING in it or y they did it even b4 the show if its fake?

Update 2:

no paranormal estate is **** and i do know they dot charge because i have isted their site, emailed ppl who have had them their and its in an independent biography of jason and grant

Update 3:

BTW thanks 4 keepn it respectfull every1

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    The purpose of the sci-fi show Ghost Hunters is not exactly to prove or disprove the existence of ghosts. The show itself is to portray what a real life paranormal research organization does. Note the focus of the cameras is mostly on the members while they are investigating. The episodes are summarized versions of an investigation - showing the process, the methods used, the highlights and history of the locations, etc.

    Sci-Fi approached TAPS several times with the offer to use their organization for this show because they had gained credibility in the field - mostly because they search for the truth and answers, whether they are paranormal or not. Their purpose is to debunk happenings that are reported to be paranormal by investigating and attempting to find the "normal" explanations for incidents first - then they focus further research on the unexplainable things they find. And several times, TAPS had turned down the offer. I wasn't clear on exactly what made them change their minds and finally accept, but it seems that they realized that the money they make from *the Sci-Fi channel* could be invested into their organization to upgrade their equipment, develop new technology, supplement their lost income from taking time away from "the day job" so they could focus more on TAPS and their research. The places they investigate are NOT charged for an investigation, and most of the team members work on a volunteer basis.

    Jason and Grant are the real deal. They are the first to admit that on at least 80% of their investigations, they do not experience or capture any evidence of paranormal activity, and are able to debunk most of the paranormal claims by finding other logical explanations. But those few investigations where they do capture some interesting evidence, things really do happen that are unexplainable by other means - that's where they focus more research. Both co-founders became interested in the paranormal when they had personal experiences in their younger years, and they are seeking answers, as well as they want to help people who have had similar experiences. Having met them personally, I can tell you they are both down-to-earth *real* people, and all around nice guys.

    Let's keep in mind that we as people are continuously learning more about ourselves, our world, and our lives. Science makes breakthroughs all the time. At one time, science was unable to explain things that we now take for granted. i.e. - early peoples attributed things like thunder and rain to gods. But for some time now, we've had the scientific explanations as to why these things happen in nature. Just because science has not yet been able to fully explain paranormal happenings, doesn't mean it won't some day. This is what folks like Jason and Grant are working toward. I love their investigation style, and I think their work has done a lot of good for the field of paranormal investigation - and for people like myself who have had personal paranormal experiences and also want answers.

    To ongrat who says that there aren't many people who study such things (and I think you meant parapsychology), I have to disagree. There are *hundreds* of paranormal research organizations out there who study several aspects of the paranormal. The last workshop I attended hosted by Bay State Paranormal, where Jason and Grant were the key speakers, there were about 500 people there. There is more interest in the paranormal than perhaps you realize - but the interest IS there - big time.

    TAPS and Sci-Fi work together to make the show, and Jason and Grant, while they weren't thrilled with the way some of the episodes came out, think Sci-Fi is doing a good job. They stated that some people have thought that Sci-Fi requests they "fake" evidence to make the show more interesting - but this is not the case. If they were caught purposely faking evidence, then their show would indeed be cut by Sci-Fi per their contract. Nor do Jason and Grant have any reason to fake evidence - this would not serve toward their goal of finding real answers and explanation as to why such things happen.

    You may be interested in their book as well. It provides a lot more insight into their organization and their investigations than the episodes of the show have time for.

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    Ghost Hunters Frauds

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    i used to watch ghost hunters but it's fake. Nothing at all used to ever happen then all of a sudden chairs are moving and flashlights turning off and on by themselves. But I dont thinki its paranormal at all I believe sci-fi told Jason and Grant things better start happening or the show would be cut. So now they have all kinds of personal experiences that the camera doesn't catch. These guys are going to places (businesses primarily) that want to attract the curious. How do you know they dont charge? Have they done an investigation for you? It's entertainment that's all. There are millions of dollars up for grabs for anyone that can prove the existence of ghosts. Nobody has claimed it yet. With all of the technology they have don't you think they would have more than 'personal experiences'? They haven't caught anything other than sounds which for all we know is Steve standing just out of camera shot jumping around. I've gone on paranormal investigations with a local paranormal group and nothing has ever happened. You just get creeped out it's just like how ghost hunters was before- nothing happened.. I think everyone has had an experience they would swear was a ghost but guess what ghosts arent real when you die you're gone. Do you think Paranormal state is real too? Because it's not either.

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    I haven't seen any yet. I probably should start my own TV series, "Hunting For Ghosts" or something similar. :) I could walk around with the lights off, carrying all sorts of gadgets that I don't know how to use or how they work, and I'd constantly say "Oh, what was that!?" or "Did you hear that?". At the end of each show, I'd tell the homeowner (or the hotel manager, etc.) that we didn't find any real evidence although we still believe that "something is going on here". I'd also describe the things we saw and heard, which would have been evidence, but they happened right before or right after we turned on our recording equipment! :D

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    I love Ghost Hunters!! I watch all kinds of "ghost hunting" shows and some I would have to say I'm a little sketchy with. But, with Ghost Hunters, I believe they are the real deal. They'll even say themselves that they are trying to "debunk" what most people think is "unusual activity." It's not they don't believe, it's just that there are a lot of things that can be explained where a lot of people are quick to say it's paranormal. I really love watching their show and completely feel that they are 100% the real thing.

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    I've only seen the show a few times, but I'd say it's always very likely that any of those shows are fake. I'm not in any way saying ghosts don't exist or anything, because I believe in all kinds of spirits and have had lots of experiences with them, but there are people out there that would make up convincing stories just to make money from having a television show.

    It could be true, but in my opinion, I don't really trust a lot of those shows to be telling the complete truth about whatever happens. I actually tend to believe people I know from online that have psychic abilities and frequently interact with spirits than people with usually no abilities like that whatsoever that rely completely on paranormal investigation equipment to make up for their inability to speak and interact with the spirits themselves. It seems to me that they don't really know anything about the spirits they're trying to find, and I'm sure some of the spirits definitely wouldn't appreciate these people putting photographs and videos on television and telling the world about their experiences, because the spirits might have had a good reason for trying to appear to these people in the first place.

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    I don t think they fake it on puprose. I think they truely beleive what they are doing. I do beleive in the supernatural, but only as far as what is writien in the bible, being a christian. As a christian I can t beleive in ghost. To say that something remains of you after death is to imply that God doesn t know what he is doing when someone dies. The bibile makes it very clear, once your time is up, that is it! Period. I however to beleive in the consecpt of evil, demons. I could see a demon appearing like a ghost. People beleive in that would push them away from the lord.

    Now as a reasonable person. I have been in a number of places that ghost hunters claims in hunted. In boy scouts we got to stay in alcatraz island for 24 hours. We slept in max security. I didn t see or hear anthing. I didn t feel anything, nothing was missing or out of place, I got up at midnight and looked out of the cell and their was nothing their. That experience has forever made me not beleive in ghost. Then I worked at a mental home, as a nurse aid. It was rumorded to be hunted. I worked the night shift. I never saw anything their either. I think bottom line when you convince your self their are ghost you will see or feel what you what to see. For ghost hunter to become a beleiver I would need to see a ghost, like on the show supernatural.

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    i think its real

    its the shows where in every episode something happens that its a fraud

    like that paranormal state show i think thats sooo fake, every episode there is something some1s gettin n exorcism or a house is gettin blessd its annoyin 2 c the same thing every single time u watch the show

    on gh they investigate !st and figure out if theres even anything there, on ps if sum1 calls then they believe something is moss definately there when they r probably rong most of the time

    i love gh thts 1 of ma fav shows

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    I believe in spirits because I personally see them. Ghost hunter shows irritate me though because I think that not everything can be proven by science. People believe in God and they can't see him, but they don't believe in spirits because they can't have proof on video? I also don't understand why they don't just use a medium who can see them and talk to them.

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    Complete Bull sheet!

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