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i need safe but way fun websites for 11 year olds on the computer?

i know about webkinz and neopets but i hate those websites.

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    THIS WILL BE PERFECT FOR YOU!!! IT'S SO SO SO FUN!!! It's a website just for girls (I think it's ages 8-16...I forget) where you can write blogs for other girls to see, send messages, make polls and vote in them, have a personalized page with a profile and pictures, earn points, and so much more! It's really, really safe, too. You CAN'T upload a picture of yourself and each message, blog, and comment you send goes through a staff to approve it.

    Once you get started, you'll love it.

    Source(s): I go on AllyKatzz everyday!
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    it is recommended to take a glance at club BSG on the Beacon highway women internet site. you will like it -- it is desperate up merely like center college -- you get a locker to beautify, connect the after college golf equipment and communities and make new friends. Plus now you earn factors and might go determining to purchase interior the city for stuff to beautify your locker with. And it substitute into created basically for women folk. visit the positioning and click on the crimson "club BSG" or the locker to locate the club. Plus the Beacon highway women buddy you and you may buddy human beings too. it is lots like fb even though it is secure. Plus you may go away messages on your human beings' whiteboards. they have new stuff each and every of the time -- they have fairly some stable discussions on issues like outfits, friends, college and stuff. look at the "city" too! completely beautiful stuff there.

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    this was the best when i was 11 about 2 years ago www.clubpenguin.com SOOO MUCH FUN sometimes when im bored ill even go on now

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    howrse.com, clubpenguin.com

    Both are safe but fun. I'm not too into Club Penguin anymore, but I really like Howrse. :)

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    simply use games.yahoo.com

    Yahoo offers lots of fun games.

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    http://www.ninjakiwi.com/ has a range of games suitable for all ages.

    Source(s): Big kid myself.
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    is a good website

    Source(s): me
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