What is the point of electrical resistance?

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    Everything you connect to an electrical outlet has an equivalent electrical resistance. The smaller this value, the more electricity (amperes) flows through it, more watts used and more money to pay. First point: The higher the electrical resistance value, the less energy wasted, and less money you pay.

    If the resistance is cero or close, you will get a "Short circuit" and that's not funny. Things with close to cero values of resistance are wires and other conductors, which mission is not expend electricity but transport it, or shall I better say let the electricity flows throuh them.

    Resistance with cero value is the case of the electrical welding which is an special case of controlled Short and the most commun application. It produces so much electric fluid (amperes) though them that the metalic parts involved melt down. You don't want that to hapen in your laptop or plasma, that's why they have a resistance equivalent value.

    Without resistance there will be no use for electricity, but because of the resistance we need to use, and produce (and now save) the electricity.

    Take this example. Light is produced from the big spark of a thunder, which is a short circuit between land and atmosphere with cero resistance between them. What about having a permanent electric light? So Edison created the electric lamp (bulb). A resistance, isolated and special but a simple resistance which is controlled for lasting while it keeps providing us with light.

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  • to resist the electric charges in a wire and to make it less to pass it is effected by many reasons like the length of the wireif you increase the length the resistance increases and less charges will pass and is also effected by the area of cross section of the wire when the area of the cross section is large the more charges will pass and less resistance and also effected by the material as copper is the best electrical conductor...you can control this resistance in a circuit by a rheostat ( variable resistor ) and the unit of the resistance is ohm... CHEERS =D

    Adham amr

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    the point of electrical resistance is control voltage on an electrical line. by changing the value of the resistance, you can change the amount of voltage dropped at any given point on the line...

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    It is the point where the flow of current finds resistance.

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    so too much power doesn't reach something and cause it to short? not really sure.

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