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Joe s asked in Science & MathematicsMedicine · 1 decade ago

what are two scientific advancments from 1890-1909 that changed the nature of medicine and surgury?

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    Medical discovery and disease trends

    1882: Robert Koch isolates microorganism responsible for tuberculosis (TB), then leading cause of death.

    1883: Robert Koch isolates microorganism responsible for cholera, major epidemic disease in nineteenth century.

    Edwin Klebs discovers microorganism responsible for diphtheria, often fatal disease of children.

    1885: Louis Pasteur develops first rabies vaccine.

    Regulation of advertising and drugs

    1880: The Farm Journal publishes first "guarantee of advertising," assuring readers that only reputable firms will be allowed to advertise in its pages; other farm periodicals follow suit in the 1880s and 1890s.

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    Medical discovery and disease trends

    1890: Emil von Behring and Shibasaburo Kitasato develop effective diphtheria antitoxin.

    1893: The Johns Hopkins University Medical School, first modern American medical school, opens in Baltimore.

    1895: Parke-Davis Company founds first pharmaceutical research laboratory.

    1897: George Nuttall demonstrates that flies can spread plague bacilli.

    Aspirin, a highly effective pain reliever and fever reducer, is invented in Germany.

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    Medical discovery and disease trends

    1901: Major reorganization of American Medical Association greatly strengthens its professional and political influence.

    Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research opens in New York City.

    1904: National Tuberculosis Association (now American Lung Association) is founded to encourage prevention and cure of tuberculosis.

    English physicians William Maddock Bayliss and Ernest H. Starling propose that hormones act as chemical messengers through which organs regulate bodily functions.

    1906: German researcher August von Wasserman introduces diagnostic test for syphilis.

    1907: Clemens Von Pirquet introduces skin test for TB.

    1909: National Committee for Mental Hygiene founded to promote prevention and cure of mental diseases.

    Regulation of advertising and drugs

    1904: National Federation of Advertising Clubs of America is founded, and takes as one of its objectives discouraging fraudulent advertising; group is subsequently renamed Associated Advertising Clubs of America, and later "of the World".

    1905: The American Medical Association (AMA) sets up the Council on Pharmacy and Chemistry to decide which propriety products may be allowed to advertise in its publications, including JAMA. (Journal of the American Medical Association).

    1906: The AMA establishes its own Chemical Laboratory to test safety and efficacy of drug products.

    AMA creates a Propaganda Department, renamed Bureau of Investigation in 1925, to collect and disseminate information about health quackery.

    Upton Sinclair publishes his novel The Jungle, a shocking expose of unsanitary conditions in the American meat packing industry that helps win support for federal oversight of food processing industries.

    Pure Food and Drugs Act passes, establishing the Food and Drug Administration, which is given regulatory oversight of labels and packaging information for over-the-counter drugs but denied power to regulate claims appearing in print advertisements.

    1909: Samuel Hopkins Adams begins series of articles about health quackery and patent medicine fraud in Colliers' Weekly, later published in book form as The Great American Fraud.

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  • Beth
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    4 years ago

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    In 1895 Roentgen discovered x-rays.

    Shortly thereafter x-rays are introduced into surgical care.

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