I have taken 2 test, BUT they r both Negative...r they wrong or am I crazy?

I've asked a few pregnancy ?s in the past week, but I have now taken 2 pregnancy test and they have both turned out negative...1 monday, 1 this morning...


bad headaches


Really bad gas (a lot more than usual) & feel constipated sometimes

twinging feeling in my pelvis area

mild cramps in abdomen and lower back, comes & goes

exhausted just walking up the stairs

so anxious I cant stay still

hard time sleeping, cant get comfortable

stomach will growl & say I'm hungry an hour after I eat

smelling cat pee in my room, which I've never smelled b4 & dont have a cat, LOL...other smells a lot are stonger than they used to be

slightly sore breats, I think. lol

I dont think I've missed my period yet, because I usually get in around the 20th. I got it in Feb, but then I got a really really light period around the 9th of this month.

Thanks everyone!


the period that I had on the 9th was not even enough to fill a tampon, it was so dry it hurt to pull it out (sorry tmi)...I was told it could've been implantation bleeding

Update 2:

I also forgot to add that I've had A LOT of white dischage for the past 5 days...I keep feeling wet and think I got my period, but then I look and its just a lot of discharge...sorryy TMI!

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    well, since you havent missed your period yet, it might just be too early to tell. most home pregnancy tests can show a positive result within 5 days BEFORE your missed period. so wait till then.

    also, those symptoms are common signs of pregnancy and pms. so remember that. its weird. i was for sure that i was gonna start my period any day when i found out i was pregnant bc i was cramping and all kinds of things. lol.

    but still, be precautious. no drugs, alcohol, medicine... ya know. ya wouldnt want the risk of harming your baby. :)

    also, if you turn out not to be pregnant, dont give up. i know you want a baby and if you really arent pregnant this time, you could get really upset and depressed. but just keep your head high and keep trying. :) it will happen eventually. =)

    good luck... again. lol.

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    Have you been to the doctor yet? While you show a lot of pregnancy symptoms, some of these symptoms could possibly also be related to a cyst on your ovaries or in your uterus. I don't want to scare you, but a friend of mine just went through a VERY similar predicament and her doctor told her she may have had a small cyst that dissolved when she finally got her period(which was a couple weeks late, and she had weird spotting also). Sometimes these cysts can occur, and like I mentioned, dissolve and disappear when you finally do menstruate. If you are pregnant, your HCG hormone levels will double every day, but you could still just have very low levels to begin with(which could explain two negative tests). I would recommend making a doctor visit, explaining to them your symptoms and ask them to take a blood test to see whether or not you're really pregnant. Good luck and I hope you feel better!

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    2 negative tests? Very unlikely to be pregnant then. It could of been implantation bleeding and your symptoms sound like you could be pregnant.. you're a week late almost, right? Tests should of showed up positive by now though. Did you use first morning urine? If not, try again with first morning urine or dont use the bathroom for four hours before taking the test. And don't drink insane amounts of water before taking it. Good luck!

  • They are wrong and you are crazy just like me! lol (feeling the same here)

    If your period is not late yet. Its probably to early to pick up on your pregnancy hormones. Do a HPT again in a week.

    God luck, and lots and lots of BABY DUST

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    Wait a week or so then test again. Or go to a doctor or a planned parenthood or any clinic and get a blood test, those are usually acurate.

    Good luck!

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    You might be pregnant I think that you should wait another week or so and test again if you period has not started yet and the test is still negative go see your doctor.

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    choose i might desire to wave a majic wand and make it artwork out ok yet regrettably I somewhat have an identical subject i in many cases desires meds (provera) to get me began lower back. in certainty I might desire to commence it up in the present day. in specific situations as quickly as we get under pressure in any respect our bodies circulate "cukoo" in specific situations for no reason in any respect. only a OB/GYN can tell for specific. i might circulate to the checklist. additionally in case you're TTC your physique will appreciate tricking you.

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    Wait a week and test again.

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    you may be but you can make your self have all symptoms of a pregnancy even when your not, and that can stress you out so much your late!

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    i d say your just crazy lol that all can just be signs of pms or just thinking about it too much

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