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Math-Core question..............?

To all my previous contacts....could you please "Add" me back?

Get it...Math-Core, Add me...oh man I'm on a roll today =)

What is Math Core?


Hey Daniel...I already added you =)

Update 2:

abracadabra holmes- I added you =)

Update 3:

Hey Serah- Definately add me. I already added you

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    Hey Bud...I added you the moment I received your email.

    Why on earth would Yahoo suspend someone like you? You're not running amok here in R&P slinging mud and posting silly irrelevant rant type questions like a couple of other well known reg's...I'm confused. Glad to see that you've returned though!

    I really never cared for the terms 'Math Rock', or 'Mathcore'...Lol.

    Though one of the best known, and one of my favorite 'Math Rock' bands from the 90's/00's is 'Don Caballero'. They employ the use of odd time signatures, additive and divisive rhythms, consonant and dissonant chord structures, and irregular-meter experiments like 11/4, and 9/8 time (hence the term 'Math Rock'). Similar in many ways to several of the progressive rock and fusion bands of the 70's that had previously traveled that road, like King Crimson, Gentle Giant, and Mahavishnu Orchestra. Though the more recent 'Math Rock' bands tend to be a little noisier, and don't play with nearly with the same skill or virtuosity in my opinion. With most 'Math Rock' bands, the influence of late 80's early 90's bands such as 'Primus' and 'The Jesus Lizard' can also be heard in their music.

    I have a few Don Caballero albums, and most of their stuff Is pretty cool. My favorite albums being 'Don Caballero 2', 'What Burns Never Returns', 'World Class Listening Problem', and 'American Don'.

    Here's a few tunes...

    Mmmmm Acting, I Love Me Some Good Acting:

    Youtube thumbnail


    Sure We Had Knives Around:

    Youtube thumbnail

    I Agree... No!... I Disagree:

    Youtube thumbnail


    And And And, He Lowered The Twin Down:

    Youtube thumbnail

    A few other 'Math Rock' bands worth checking out are;


    B*tch Magnet

    A Tribute to Tigers

    Crime in Choir

    Spectacular Vernacular

    Before and After Dinner

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    I know this question is old as heck, but for other people who see this, I recommend the following: Destrage Dance Gavin Dance Revocation (not sure if math-core but still good) Fall of Troy The Human Abstract Between The Buried and Me Polyphia Blotted Science I'm a big PTH fan myself but I wouldn't say that all PTH fans will automatically like these bands. Protest the Hero is pretty unique so it is difficult to find bands that have both the same level of skill and the same musical style.

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    Math core is cool. You've already been given some good answers so i won't bother recapitulating.

    Can i add you?

    Note to Adam: sorry, bro. I accidentally gave you a thumbs down, i clicked the wrong button. I was trying to give you a thumb up.

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    I was going to post two of the bands Adam just mentioned, but since he already did I won't; also including BTBAM:

    Youtube thumbnail

    I love these guys, but I'm not much into the genre.

    And may I add you? I know I'm not a previous contact, but...

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    Old school Tool and Mudvayne used to be considered Math-Core

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    check out Between the Buried and Me and The Dillinger Escape Plan

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    LOL I got that joke!!!! =P

    Mathcore is basically like metalcore but a lot more technical.

    My favorite Mathcore bands:

    The Dillinger Escape Plan

    Youtube thumbnail

    The Human Abstract

    Youtube thumbnail

    Protest the Hero

    Youtube thumbnail

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    We weren't contacts before, but do you mind if I add you anyway?

    Mathcore: Rhythmically complex style of metal core.

    Well, that explains it best.


    Cool, just added you.

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    Consider it already done!

    Math Core????

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    I'm not good in math ... me no comprehend-o your question-o.

    Joking! I get it.. I have to add you because you've been subtracted from my sum of contacts!


    Once again, good to have you back my friend.


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