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CoD 5: Using the double tap perk?

I've seen a lot of people on these boards claiming they like to use the 'double tap' perk with their snipe load outs.

Uh, don't the snipe load outs typically use bolt action, single fire rifles? So that should render the double tap perk pretty useless, right??

I can understant putting double tap on a scoped STG or something, but I wouldn't consider that a snipe load out.


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    double tap on bolt-action rifles works and is extremely useful.

    you bolt the next shot twice as fast.

    i did a test on the mosin nagant, one round with double tap and one without. the results were surprising on how much faster you load the next shot

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    Though it makes no sense, they consider emptying the chamber as a shot and not as a reload, so it makes you unload the chamber and bolt another into it faster. You would think that sleight of hand would make it faster, but no. It's dumb anyway, because stopping power is the only logical perk to have for a sniper rifle.

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    It is absolutely stupid to put double tap on a bolt action or semi-automatic sniper. Thats like having iron lungs with a thompson. It does them no good because double tap increases fire rate, and seeing as snipers are only 1 shot, you cant increase fire rate because snipers are not automatic.

    So they are basically wasting a perk slot.

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    i think it helps them do faster cocking it back to fire, butt it think you can just use slight of hand for that.

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