Why did federal spending increase Eisenhower's Precidency? What did he spend the $$ on?

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    What I recall was the Interstate Highway System..He saw what Hitler had done with the Autobahn and decided that the USA should have a comparable system.


    Public budgeting and finance - Google Books Result

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    In 1953, the Eisenhower administration requested an increase in the debt limit, ... The Treasury did just that, in part as a result of revised budget ...



    The Space Review: President Obama’s space policy: learning from ...

    Fifty years ago, on July 29, 1958, President Eisenhower signed the National Aeronautics and ... It is likely that an Obama administration will attempt to adjust one corner of the ... This would increase NASA’s projected 2010 budget to $21 billion, or 0.77% of the current overall federal budget, and allow work on ...

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    Although he wanted to balance the federal budget, there were three obstacles to ... As a result, the end of the Eisenhower administration saw the highest peacetime deficit ... A moderate increase in federal spending; Trade Expansion Act ...

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    The Eisenhower administration's willingness to learn the lessons of modern ... in defense spending offset cuts in other areas of the national budget. ...


    # [PDF]

    Review of Eisenhower Versus ‘The Spenders’: The Eisenhower ...

    File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat

    Spenders’: The Eisenhower. Administration, the Democrats and the. Budget ... to appear soft on communism, congressional Democrats sought to increase defense ... supporting federal programs such as the Interstate Highway Act that would ...

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    JSTOR: Success in National Educational Policy from Eisenhower to ...

    Education bills blocked since the Eisenhower administration began to gain ..... If he does, and cuts the federal budget by an estimated five to seven ...

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    Electronic Encyclopaedia of CD and EM

    ... to perceptions that cities were highly vulnerable to this increase in destructive potential ... The Federal Civil Defense Administration was thus caught in the ... The Eisenhower Administration reacted with a time-tested stratagem – to ... in the Administration, Congress routinely cut each civil defense budget ...

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    As a result, Eisenhower managed to balance the federal budget only three times in eight years. (He was shooting for a perfect eight-for-eight. ...



    Eisenhower Interstate Highway System -Frequently Asked Questions

    Therefore, the President proposed to increase funds for the Interstate System, .... In the 1970's, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) considered ...

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    Eisenhower's economic strategy: Promoting growth and personal ...

    thus the federal budget had to be brought into balance. ... its fiscal affairs in order would increase confidence generally, increasing the readi- ... Administration, was created to continue the RFC's function of lending to small ...

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    it would desire to. that is as much as the folk of the States. via fact the form of course says it would be. The powers ( and purposes ) of the federal government are limited and defined. All others are left to the folk and the States. States are extra heavily, or could be controlled by ability of the folk.

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    Military and foreign aid.

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