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Just how involved was Rahm Emanuel in the scheming that went on ar Freddie Mac?

The latest expose' , written by Tribune reporters Bob Secter and Andrew Zajac, reveals Emanuels presence as a Freddie Mac Director at a time when "the board was told by executives of a plan to use accounting tricks to mislead shareholders about outsized profits the government-chartered firm was then reaping from risky investments."

"Many of these same risky investments practices tied to the accounting scandal eventually brought the firm to the brink of insolvency and led to its seizure last year by the Bush administration."

One needs to wonder why Obama picked this guy as his White House coach. Incidentally, it was Bill Clinton who appointed Emanuel to this post for services rendered during his watch. Read the entire article:Chicago Tribune EMANUEL'S FREDDIE MAC DAYS, Thursday, March 26,2009.

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    Also read the history of Rahm and just how vicious he really is - he is truly Mob Boss Rahm.

    From the Tribune archives: The House Rahm Built

    In a fairly typical sign-off, he concluded another call to Sestak: "Don't [mess] it up or … I'll kill you. All right, I love you. Bye."

    Also Soros picked & financed Obama - but Rahm makes the decisions. So Obama didn't 'pick him' - Soros engineered the whole team as well as this economy.

    Soros says U.S. needs billions more in aid measures

    So Far - Soros has profited $2.4+ Billion from this 'housing market'!!

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    I truly can't say...but maybe you can tell me just how much Cheney was involved in schemeing no-bid contracts for his old firm, Halliburton? Or how involved Donald Rumsfeld was in helping to get us into two wars so that his old firm, FMC, could benefit from their military procurement contracts? Maybe you can also tell me the extent of Hank Paulsens' dealings with Goldman Sach (his old firm) during our recent economic meltown?

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  • 1 decade ago

    He is in it up to his neck....THIS is the MOST Corrupt bunch EVER it even passes Clinton....

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  • robbie
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    I hope someone is watching this man.

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