how do t-shirts play a role in society today?

are there any statistics on what role t-shirts play in our society today? think about it if you go anywhere (non professional) the great majority of the people there would be wearing a t-shirt.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    T shirts have become mainstream. When I was a kid (back when they discovered fire) no one wore t shirts alone. They were always worn under another shirt. Now, t shirts can do anything from announce your choice for president to outright offend the viewer. The company I work for is always giving us t shirts to wear, both at the office on casual Friday and if we are doing any community service events. When I had a construction company, I put my company's name & logo on the back of t shirts & hoodies and gave them to my crew. When they were working on a house, their backs were to the road and visible to anyone driving by. It was good, cheap advertisement and my guys appreciated them, too.

    T shirts can be simple cotton or pure silk, midriff style or down to the knees. A very versatile garment, I think.

    Sorry, I don't have any statistics on their place in society, though.

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