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Whatever happened to the "Good Ol Days" of Perry Mason?

When people who committed crimes actually went to jail instead of paying millions of dollars to keep their sorry asses out of jail?

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    I never saw any Perry, but certainly wonder about the Q?

    I'd almost rather see murderers get a wrist slap and the corp pirates do long hard time.

    I wouldn't mind seeing the body politic stripped of their defense either.

    Good Q.


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    this must be some kind of telepathy . i was thinking of writing the same question at about the same time .

    they dont make 'em like that anymore i guess ...the days of Perry Mason and Erle Stanley Gardner when Americans were a beacon in the World across 2 World Wars with giants like Patton , Eisenhower , FDR , General Marshall the last of those huge days for USA ended with the hippie movement .. the last truly great American generation ended with Armstrong in 1969 and Lowell in Apollo 13 ....

    i am an Indian age 38 . oddly i feel weirdly nostalgic for old USA ( till 1965 ) ..i have often thought i was an American perhaps in last life and died in Vietnam ( and hence was born nearby in India !! ) and therefore hate everything which is American and post Watergate and love everything from Boston Tea Party to pre Watergate ..

    i have often been surprised i love USA more than most young Americans

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    Oh how I wish those days would come back! Those were the good old days!

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    Oh the magic of TV Land......LOL! =D

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