To be more environmentaly friend with Plastic?

I want to have good verse on Plastic Straws which made some ornament for environmentaly friend

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    Plastic is often labeled a villain by environmental activists. Because it is used in packaging and single-use products, plastic seems to symbolize our "throw-away" culture. Plastic products also are criticized because they do not biodegrade and because they are manufactured from nonrenewable resources.

    That popular view of plastic overlooks plastic's true place in the environment. How should people concerned with protecting the environment think about plastic?

    Environmental Benefits

    Plastic has features that benefit the environment. For example, plastic reduces food waste by about 1.7 pounds for every pound of packaging. Plastic allows us to store food and leftovers for longer periods of time. And because it can be transparent, plastic packaging allows us to check for spoilage or damage before we buy or use a product.

    Plastic conserves energy by requiring less energy to make than other forms of packaging. And because it is light and less bulky, plastic reduces the amount of fuel used by trucks and vans that transport goods from factories and dairies to stores.

    Plastic packaging often produces less pollution during its manufacturing process than the forms of packaging it replaces. Compared to a paper cup, for example, manufacturing a plastic foam cup produces much less air and water pollution.

    This doesn't mean plastic is always better than other types of packaging. But oftentimes, plastic is better for the environment than other types of packaging. Campaigning against everything made of plastic doesn't help the environment, and it surely doesn't help consumers.

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