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how tcan i grow boobs?

i am 16 (turning 17) average height, average weight, yet i am still a 32A (i don't even fill it). I don't think it's genetics because every other girl/ woman has C's or bigger. Do i still have a chance that they will grow? everyone else got boobs at 13/14! HELP!

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    hi, i had the same worry as you when i was your age. don't worry too much about it. (i know, easier said than done) i stayed fairly small until i got to 19, and then in 3 months i shot from a B cup to a DD, so really don't worry. you never know, in a few months time you could just suddenly change. until then, there are some womens websites that will help you to learn what type of clothes to wear to make you look more the shape you want to be to give you more confidence until you change again. if you use a search engine, and look up womens sites, you will find some really useful things. good luck. xXx

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    Hi, at 16 i was exactly the same. When i hit my 20's my boobs started growing. Im now a 34 D. Try not to worry, learn to love what you have for now.

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    You are not finished growing just yet.

    But honestly, some girls/women just don't get a very big chest. It depends on the individual.

    I did hear once that eating lots of bananas can help them grow.. not scientific fact of anything but that's what I was told.

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    Get knocked up. Just kidding!

    You are NOT done growing. Don't count yourself out until 21 years.

    Give it time. If you are underweight, try and gain some weight.

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    well as far as i know women stop growing around the age of 16-17, and yeah it is mostly down to genetics sorry to tell you. so unfortunately they might not get any bigger, but everyones different so who knows

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    Your 16, your still growing.

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    sorry hun it just kinda happens!

    my friend amanda was flat chested til she was about ur age then they just kinda grew... everyone thought she had got implants!

    i had mine since the age of 10 and every thought i was older than what i was... rate annoying. theres nothing u can do really

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    You cant just grow them.

    They grow by themselves,.

    You can try stuffing your bra?

    Or getting a boob job .

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