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SWOT, 5Forces, Generic Analysis 得唔得呢???


各位我而家讀緊U ge, 要做一個Research Project,

我想做ge topic係關於quality management


大家可唔可以比D意見,一D易做既Topic 我參考下,





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    Philosophy of Quality Management is continuous improvement, the approach is focus on internal weakness of quality, then analysis the possible cause and brainstorm solution to improve. Unless your topic is strategy quality management, otherwise SWOT and Porter Five Force is not appropriate because external environment involved.

    There are foundation quality management systems such as ISO 9001, approach by PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) to build up the system. However, even accredited for ISO 9001 does not guarantee it is good performance. It is because a good system does not mean it is good performance. If problem still happens, what they can do is provide corrective action for existing situation and preventive action in future only.

    The most practical quality management system is Six Sigma, it is because they measure existing performance and monitor the improved performance by calculate sigma level (standard deviation). In general, Five phases of six sigma are DMAIC:

    Define: Define existing problem

    Measure: Measure existing performance

    Analysis: Analysis possible cause

    Improve: Brainstorm solutions to improve

    Control: Measure and monitor the performance after improvement

    To make it simple, I just outline the commonly used tools as below:

    M: Control Chart to measure the variation or non-conformance.

    A: Cause and Effect diagram to analysis possible cause that cause by Man, Machine, Material, Method and/or Environment. After that, implement FMEA (Failure Mode & Effects Analysis) to calculate the highest RPN (Risk priority number) to determine possible root cause.

    C: Control Chart to measure and monitor the improved result.

    Finally, you can surf the QUALITY -> ORGANIZATION discipline from the website TextileLinkage.com, you may found there are lots of useful material from the linkage to ASQ, ISO and HKSQ etc.


    Good Luck!

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