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what are the political circumstances and environmental history of East Timor?

thanks i haven't been able to find much

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    Timor became initially populated as component of the human migrations that have formed Australasia extra usually. it is assumed that descendants from a minimum of three waves of migration nevertheless stay in the rustic. the 1st have been on the subject count of the important indigenous communities of recent Guinea and Australia, and arrived till now 40,000 years in the past. around 3000 BC, a 2d migration introduced Austronesians, who later endured eastward and colonized Island Oceania, and are probably linked with the form of agriculture on Timor. finally, proto-Malays arrived from south China and north Indochina.[2][3] The mountainous nature of the rustic meant that those communities might desire to proceed to be separate, and explains why there is plenty linguistic variety in East Timor in the present day. Timor became integrated into chinese language and Indian paying for and advertising networks of the fourteenth century as an exporter of fragrant sandalwood, slaves, honey and wax. Early eu explorers checklist that the island had diverse small chiefdoms or princedoms in the early sixteenth century. between the main substantial is the Wehale kingdom in considered necessary Timor, with its capital at Laran, West Timor, to which the Tetum, Bunaq and Kemak ethnic communities have been aligned

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