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Forehead bangs look horrible! Please help?

I just got forehead bangs and they look REALLY bad on me. I tried putting them to the side but its still not long long will it take for them to grow just like an inch or two..and also can you help me with any hairstyle I can do in the mean time?

Pictures would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

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    i personally did the exact same thing. i was like "oh no its never gonna grow!" however now, i have a kickass sidefringe.

    when washing your hair, gently massage the roots of your fringe, this will stimulate the hair growth. in the mean time, you can always use bobby pins to get cute styles like these:

    hope it helps =D

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    I had the same problem! Mines can be put to the side now. . sort of.

    Well.. the most hair can grow is .5 of a inch every month. So around 2-3 months. Sorry, hair doesn't grow too fast naturally. I heard massaging your scalp stimulates blood flow and that will help hair growth. But for me, if you don't think about it (it's hard!) then you hair will grow back faster. What I did was, to pin my hair back with bobby pins lke this:

    you can puff it up, or leave it flat, whatever you like. It's actually very cute & it can be classy or casual. Don't ever split your bangs in the middle, they don't always look good, keep them to the side or pin them up. Hope I helped at least a little bit (:

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    I have bangs that I am growing out. The nice thing about today's styles is that almost anything goes! I am a child of the 80's and we weren't as lucky!

    Here is a photo of me with a French twist across the top of my head. Most of what I've used is bangs that about about 4 inches long (yours are probably three?) I have used a bit of the longer hair on the sides to make it a bit fuller but you can do it tighter (I've done that too) and it will look very sophisticated or cute.

    And you can get thick headbands and just pull it back so most of the bangs are under the head band. Do a small bit of backcombing (ratting) for body behind the head band and you have a mod retro look!

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    you can put them in clips to the back like to school before they grow put when your at home when there is no one around wear a clip towards the side so your bangs can get used to staying on the side

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    supposedly a quarter inch every 4 weeks is average human hair....put use some pins to pull them back till you like them

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    the suitable thank you to conceal a huge brow is to get bangs, whether or not they are area swept, or short, uneven ones. in case you utilize makeup, you ought to use a bronzer to contour it and make it look smaller. quite attempt to attraction to interest away out of your brow.

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    You could clip them up. The rate of hair growth varies from person to person.

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    clip them back that would look rele cute....OR u can ask the stylist for side swept bangs cuz they look gr8 on like evry1

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    hair usually grows 1/2 inch per month.

    you could just use a headband in the meantime.

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    part it to side or pull it back and use a mouse to hold it in place

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