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Any other good cold fighters besides vitamin C?

I don't have money for the doctor without insurance and I've got a nasty cold going on...the classic congestion, runny nose, sore scratchy throat and I don't want it to turn into an infection...what's good besides vitamin C, water, gargling with salt water, and juice? Anything else or am I doing everything I can already?

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    Eat fresh garlic mate .... mixed through your vegies and salads ...... the raw unprocessed unpreserved version of garlic ......... Also eat other foods and condiments that are powerfull natural antiobiotics to bolster your immunity and health and speed the healing process and dramatically reduce your symptoms ~ onions, leeks, shallots, radishes, fenugreek, fresh gingerroot, chilli and plenty of raw salads and fruits and their juices......... ifyou find it difficult to eat hot spicy things try eating them with plenty of food and even small amounts of these things can help to expel infected mucous from your body and bolster your immune system ....... try grating raw garlic or expelling its juice in a garlic press or chop it into tiny pieces and mix through cooked foods and salads thus a little easier to tolerate...... or add some fresh garlic juice to your vegetable juice cocktail.......... raw garlic and other plants from the onion family are superb powerful naturall antiobiotics and can help to eradicate and control infections from any part of the body.... even in cases where there is resistance to antiobiotic drugs....if you absolutely hate raw garlic and its odor then you can use the garlic capsules which aren't as effective.

    garlic is good for boosting immunity, is an antispasmotic, lowers cholesterol and blood pressure and also works as an anti inflammatory .......... wonderfull stuff, particularly if you can tolerate it crushed and raw ....... raw garlic works best as a powerfull antibiotic that fights bacteria, parasites and viruses ... garlic is also good for heart disease (two or three cloves a day lessen the chance of heart attacks) and stroke and it contains many preventive, anticancer compounds and antioxidants (raw, cooked, or aged at best). Garlic is also good for colds (decongestant and expectorant) and works as an antidiarrheal...... it helps relieve gas, is estrogenic and works as an antidepressant too ..... fabulous stuff hey.

    Just start off slowly as the taste is quite strong ....... work up to 2 or 3 cloves daily as that much all at once if you're not used to it may disturb your digestion.

    protect your precious supplies of vitamin C too ...... if you're taking lots of aspirin you're losing vitamin C........ cut right back on caffeine containing drinks such as coffee and tea and eliminate sodas and soft drinks and pop as they will all dehydrate you terribly and rob you of your precious water soluble supplies of vitamin C........... drink 8 glasses of water daily and hydrate yourself properly to help your body function at peak levels and eliminate any germs.

    Ditch processed sugar as bacteria will literally feed and multiply on it.

    also ensure that the salt you are gargling with is not the common table salt variety that has been chemically bleached and stripped of it's rich supply of nutrients andminerals........ use celtic sea salt, mineral rich and very good for you and a powerfull natural antibiotic too..... your local health food store should be able to supply you with it ...... ditch the table salt, icky nasty stuff.

    Ditch the milk and dairy products also as they are mucous producing and will only inflame a stressed body.

    Other things that will rob you of your precious supplies of vitamin C are stress, alcohol, processed sugar, aspirin and otc counter cold and flu meds, antiobiotics, sleeping tablets, laxatives and diuretics, the oral contraceptive and eostrogen supplementation (if you are female) and smoking.... Vitamin C is a water soluble vitamin and as such our bodies can neither store or produce it and we need to ingest it on a daily basis.

    peace baby

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    You might want to check out your kitchen for some thyme. Thyme is a delightful seasoning for food but it also has immune-building compounds that can help combat the common colds.

    You can make an infusion of thyme tea by placing a few sprigs of thyme on hot water and letting it steep for about 7 minutes.

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    Are you getting the proper amount of rest needed? Remember not to eat dairy as well as the stuffiness will get worse.

    if you're really desperate and don't want to go all-natural, over-the-counter medicine is great. No syrup though, use the tablets.

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    Take a lot of zinc. OR take Cold-Eze at the grocery store. It's a kind of cough drop and you start taking it when you first get the signs of a cold. It is amazing.

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    Yes! Boil some chicken and drink the broth. Chicken broth is known as a great anti-viral. Has to be fresh.

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    Echinacia, teas. Try advil cold and sinus or an antihistamine

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    DXM, u also can trip off it if u take a lot

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