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How would I calculate the final pressure in atm?

2.5 L of gas at STP is raised to 250 degrees celcius at constant volume.

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    Remember that standard temperature and pressure is 273 K and 1 atm.

    273 K = 0˚C. This problem can be solved using the ideal gas law:

    PV = nRT

    P is the pressure in atm, T is the temperature in K, n is the moles of the gas, and R is the ideal gas constant (0.0821 mol L atm K)

    To find P, use the form of the equation

    P = nRT/V

    First, convert 250 ˚C to K by adding 273 to 250. Since the volume remains constant, leave it as is.

    It would help if you had the moles of the gas, but that isn't a necessity because moles of gas does not change with pressure. Assume a mole value, then, of 1.

    P = (1 mole)(0.0821 mol L atm K)(523 K)/2.5 L = Pressure in atm.

    You'll know that you've done it right, because all units will cancel except for atm. The rest should be a snap!

    Hope this helps!

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