Anyone know a lot about David Archuleta?

I would like to what David's hobbies are,Stuff that he likes Ect.I know that's a lot to ask for i just like to know everything about celebrity's before i become an ultimate fan.

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    I will add to the above...

    Favorite current pop stars: Natasha Bedingfield, Sara Bareilles, Jason Mraz, John Mayer

    His musical Idol: Eva Cassidy

    Pets: He used to have cats but his dad is allergic. He currently has a dog named Teddy and a fish named Conditioner

    Lounging clothes at home: Pajamas

    What he looks for in a girl: Kind to others, respects herself, adventurous, not a celebrity, not taller or older. He has not had a girlfriend or his first kiss yet. He's waiting for the right girl.

    He is not a vegetarian but he mosly has been lately because Kendra (keyboard player) is making him eat organic to stay healthy on tour.

    He breaks out into bits of song when he hears words that remind him of a song.

    People on the Idol tour bus said he sings in his sleep. He said he also talks and walks in his sleep.

    He prefers modest clothing on girls.

    He will not sign on a person below the waist or on the front of the body. He will usually sign the back or sleeve of a shirt if asked. But when he's trying to move quickly through a lot of people its best to have something you can hand him to sign. These days he usually signs a quick DA. If he has plenty of time, you might also be able to get a hug if you ask.

    He likes cartoons and video games like Guitar Hero.

    His favorite hobby is listening to music.

    He has been called a walking jukebox - he knows a ton of pop songs from the last two decades, who sang them and often who wrote them.

    He has high morals and his fans are good about not doing anything that would make him uncomfortable. No grabbing at him, no throwing panties, no cursing, etc.

    He wears a size US men's small T-shirt and he has a ton of nice graphic T-shirts, many of which were fan gifts.

    Hi was a cross-country runner in school and played basketball and soccer for fun. Now to keep fit he runs or works out when he can.

    He cannot stand to watch videos of himself or hear recordings of himself. He has said he thinks he looks and sounds weird.

    He shaves his face when it needs it. He doesn't have to shave every day yet.

    He supports many charities and his fans gave over $50,000 to Stand Up 2 Cancer and are on their way to giving $25,000 to Rising Star Outreach so David's dentist can bring dental equipment to the lepers and their children in India.

    David won Star Search Junior Vocalist at age 12 or so. Then he was ill quite a bit and one of his vocal cords became paralyzed. He could barely talk for almost 2 years and could only sing one song or less, and only if his voice was up to it. With the help of a Seth Riggs vocal coach David relearned how to sing. When David was 16 he auditioned for American Idol and he made it to the Top 2 but lost to grunge rocker David Cook in the special 4 hours of voting (on a school night). When David went on the Idol tour he had to sing 4 songs in a row and at the time that was the most songs he had tried to sing in a row since his vocal paralysis. On his solo tour he is singing 15 or more songs in a row. David's vocal cord is still at least partially paralyzed but it actually adds a breathiness and rich texture to his voice.

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    to lil shawty: you can keep talking about he being gay, HE' S NOT!

    I do! I'm an arch angel for life. He likes playing the piano and stuff.


    subjects: english, spanish, choirs

    PC Games: neopets, zoo tycoon, roller coaster tycoon

    gamecube: mario party 4, gauntlet, super smash bros.

    TV shows: lizzie mcguire, star search, sister sister

    movies: LOTR I-II, Harry Potter I, finding nemo

    actors: robin williams, jim carrey

    animated characters: bugs bunny, daffy duck, donald duck

    group: destiny's child

    singer: natalie cole, celine dion, michael jackson

    songs: 'and I'm telling you', 'who's loving you', 'complicated'

    sports team: utah jazz (none other than! lol)

    breakfast: cereal, french toast, pancakes

    fruits: orange, banana, apple

    candy bar: reese's peanut butter cup

    beverages: water, orange juice, sprite

    sports: street hockey, basketball

    colors: orange, citrus, green, yellow

    male popstars: michael jackson, stevie wonder, bryan adams, kirk franklin

    female popstars: natalie cole, celine dion, mariah carey

    foods: thai food, pizza, lettuce

    books: harry potter series, animal books, fact books

    he also like being outside, play guitar hero and broadway musicals.

    likes to shop in Pac Sun, Black Chandelier and thrift stores.

    had a 4.00 GPA during sophomore year.

    Source(s): Told ya I'm an "Archangel4Life"
  • u a fan -laughs head off- u a fan.. of him????? -luaghs- who wants too be a fan of a gay guy???

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