i need help with a project about genetics.?

ok so for biology i have to make an ABC book with a word that matches each letter of the alphabet but the word has to be about genetics. Ex.) A- allele or C- chromosome)

im having trouble finding words to use. if you have any good words i can use please let me know(:

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  • elliee
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    1 decade ago
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    A - Aneuploidy.

    B - Base pairs.

    C - Carrier.

    D - DNA.

    E - Electrophoresis.

    F - Fibroblast.

    G - Guanine.

    H - Haploid.

    I - Intron.

    K - Karyotype.

    L - Loci (locus).

    M - Mendal. Or mRNA.

    N - Nucleotide.

    O - Oligonucleotide.

    P - Phenotype.

    Q - Quantitative character.

    R - Restriction enzymes.

    S - Southern blotting technique.

    T - Trait.

    U - Uracil.

    V - Vector.

    W - Wild type.

    X - X-linked recessive.

    Y - Yeast artificial chromosome.

    Z - Zinc-finger protein

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    All the words you need are in the glossary in the link.


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