Which pitching staff is better between these clubs?

I have decided that I will choose a secondary pitching staff for MLB.com Fantasy Baseball. My current pitching staff is the New York Yankees. The secondary options are:

Houston Astros

Seattle Mariners

Colorado Rockies

Pittsburgh Pirates

Baltimore Orioles

Washington Nationals

Texas Rangers

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I would probably go either Astros or Mariners.

  • lindsy
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    3 years ago

    @insane_blackhawks_fan: large answer! Kay, i think of you're properly conscious by potential of now that the crimson Wings are my maximum disliked group. it is by technique of the fact the crimson Wings have given the Blackhawks a no longer elementary time for an prolonged time. crimson Wings followers used to occupy many of the United center while the crimson Wings got here into city. fortuitously for the Blackhawks, the video games started advertising out. The rivalry between the two NHL communities seems as sturdy because of the fact the rivalries in different leagues the place a Chicago group and a Detroit group are interior the comparable branch. a specified 2d is Vancouver through way they play and act. i won't be able to stand the hair pulling, the finger biting, the cheap pictures, the off-ice trash speaking, and the debate that has surrounded the franchise ever because of the fact the Bertuzzi incident. i won't be able to start to describe how excited i substitute into while Boston won game 7 and the Stanley Cup. If the Canucks confirmed an abundance of sophistication the two on and rancid the ice, i could sense lots greater advantageous approximately them.

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