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Dog kicks leg back involuntary, almost like a spasm?

My dog the other day I noticed that every once in a while as walking up or down stairs he will kick his right hind leg back, as if it hurts him. I would even scratch his belly and his leg will go wild, but when I stop he will kick his leg out almost strait. Its strange I have never seen it before, any ideas? He is about 14 years old, and the past 6 months has been having shivers or seizures about one a week. Not fall on ground kind but while standing start to shiver.

Yea I know take him to a vet but I recently had a HUGE cut in pay and barely making it by as it is. And I will just want to know if anyone has experienced this.


He is an American Staffordshire (pit bull). Its hard to explain, it seems like it might be a hip or joint because its like if he has allot of movement (hence scratching belly) he will kick it out. And the worst part of all of this, my land lord told me that I cannot have him there anymore and no place allows "pit bulls" so I am now torn with giving him up as well!!! Man what a year it has been so far.

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    A vet is really what you need, and I see you know that. He's quite senior. Try to work out a way to get him in if you can. Call your vet, explain your situation, and ask for a payment plan.

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    Involuntary Leg Spasms

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    It is a shame you never gave her age, however, It just may be some twitch or other, Book her in to the Vet's, and have her checked over, I hope it's nothing, Good luck & Happy New Year.

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    My dog will have like seizures like you described them and we took him to the vet and the first time they said they didn't see anything wrong. But we are going to take him back because he has gotten worse. But we think it might be his breed, what kind of dog do u have

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    I have a 10 yr. old boxer who also shivers its somewhat like siezures but not exactly. He also sometimes favors a back leg mostlikingly your dog has hip problems. my dog has hip problems and it really bothers him to go up and down our stairs.

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