What is wrong with inner-city kids?

I subbed today at a school that was mostly mixed with blacks, Mexicans and whites, NO ASIANS OR EAST INDIAN KIDS. Usually, that says a lot.

Again, I've commented on this before. A certain group of kids in there were just totally disgusting. I'll let you guess who they were, because the Yahoo PC police will delete this question and my account, even though every teacher knows it's true. It's one of the three races I listed above.

This one comes into my class with a mocking attitude. He sees I'm East Indian and knows me from before. He goes up to me doing the fist bump garbage, mocking me because he knows I'm not like him. He makes unwarranted comments like "We know you're a joke" and all sorts of other snide insults, but nothing bad enough to get him sent out. He comes in everyday with a chip on his shoulder and an ugly attitude. This negative attitude must be fostered at home by his parents.

We're watching a movie, and guess which kids are talking, even after I told them multiple times to be quiet or face getting sent down to the office? I get the entire class quieted down EXCEPT for these 5 girls. Tell them to be quiet, threaten them, they start back up in 20 seconds like ignoramuses, distracting everyone in the class.

In another class, it was the same story, 2 girls talking. Finally, I ask them, "Is this what you do in the movie theater?" I very damn well know they do. I'm just puzzled as to why.

Sometimes I eat in the staffroom, and you can just hear the teachers WHINE about these kids. There was one kid that every teacher literally has had a showdown with. Well, today he had a big one. I returned from lunch at a fast food place to find her yelling at his dad, and him yelling at the principal, and if you know the kid, you know he's just guilty of everything. Even more, he probably acted worse because she was white. I don't know what happened to him, but it couldn't have been good. He was last seen in the principal's office, looking like a man about to face his "execution."

Then I looked at their profiles posted in the hall. Nearly 85% of them wanted to play in the NFL or NBA, and the rest wanted to be "lawyers, because they make loads of money." Some couldn't even spell lawyers, and the schools posted these profiles complete with grammar mistakes and misspellings.

If there ever was a case for abolishing teacher unions, boy, there was one. What teachers would let that crap get posted?

I'm not surprised this certain group of people can't ever get ahead in life. If I ever saw these kids show up for an interview, I'd tell them get lost. They certainly don't make a good impression for the other ones that I don't even know.


jenna, I don't need high school punks telling me how to do my job.

Why don't you sign up to substitute teach someday, or just walk in and volunteer. These kids aren't like your classmates in Orange County.

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    What isn't wrong with them. See the person who answered this question who was a cop in Los Angeles, you cannot give them someone to look up to, because if you become that someone to look up to then you have just dug yourself a hole. Those kids will use you and they hate discipline so they will get violent. Also you went to Los Angeles, the kids there are different from inner city kids in NY. I have seen Inner city kids in Georgia who basically control themselves as compared to Inner City kids in NY who will stick a knife down their throats and get bombs the second they see a White person (seriously, the inner city areas in NY hate White people for some odd reason).

    Also, you cannot help those kids. This is coming from a person who has lived in inner city like settings (Bronx, NY). You can help at most 3 kids become winners but what about the other 47? You can help those kids in school but the second they get out of school, what are you going to do? NOTHING. You cannot stop a kid from being a drug dealer if his dad was a drug dealer, sure you can give me a lecture in class but the second he goes home, his dad is going to force him to be a drug dealer or sell that crack or smoke that heroin! You cannot do a thing about that!

    All of these past answers are trash, those kids cannot be helped, they were just born in bad situations and the more you help them the further down you go eventually you cannot get up. I as a Black man will say that those kids bring us as a people down, they bring Hispanics and us Blacks down hard together with their BS "OOO WHITE MAN BAD YALL!" mentality. Those kids are basically the prison youth, less than 5 percent of them will hold middle class jobs and the only ones who will get upper class jobs are the ones who will be rappers.

    Notice, not all inner city school kids are bad. The ones who are the worst are the ones on the East Coast (NY and Pennsylvania) and the ones in Los Angeles. I have noticed that the inner city kids in Atlanta, Chicago and Miami are not bad people and a lot of them are trying to work themselves out of poverty. Man I tell you that the ones in NY are a completely different story, those kids are trying to screw each other over for a dollar. Worst of all, its all Black and White to them!

    Is it just me or are we getting closer to being like that movie Idiocracy?

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    Well, to answer your question, a lot of it has to deal with family culture and the ideals that have been pass down from generation to generation. I was a cop for the Los Angeles Unified School District. During my tenure there, I worked in "urban" areas and the affluent areas of West L.A. which included Brentwood and Pacific Palisades sections.

    When I worked in the affluent areas, the kids came from homes where their parents and grandparents were college graduates and it was made known that nothing less was expected of them. If the child had a learning disability, then the parents had the resources available to get the child the help that he or she needed. Since the parents were highly educated, they had jobs that enabled them to expose their children to different enlightening endeavors, such as traveling abroad, going to places like kidspace, the children's museum and other venues. Also, since they came from parents that were highly educated they were taught the rule of law, respect for private property, being good citizens in school. Their neighborhoods were safe and there was a certain solidarity among their neighbors.

    Now, when I worked in more "urban" areas the situation was drastically different. In some of the rougher areas, the kids had it rough. Depending on the area, some of them came from single parent homes where the custodial parent had to work a job and a half or maybe even two jobs to make ends meet, and if they didn't have extended family support, there was no one home to supervise what was going on. Regan, that asshole, made a lot of cuts to after school programs that kept kids out of trouble. Another factor in this particular equation is that there is not a culture of educational achievement in urban area. Indeed, when I was young, the other kids on one blocks where I lived before my family moved to Playa Del Rey, CA, asked me why I was acting white by getting good grades, staying out of trouble, speaking relatively well.

    As for you my friend, what are you doing to help them. All their lives all they wanted was someone to help them, not give them anything. One of the reasons they are the way they are is because of people like you, always finding ways to tear them down instead of helping to build them up. As for the teachers union, that's a typical conservative canard. Blame the unions, whether it be autoworkers, air traffic controllers (R.I.P.) or teacher's unions. Maybe you're better suited to be a republican politician, you sure sound like one

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    The ACLU is what happened... you can't discipline kids these days and parents are too lazy to do anything.. If my parents got a call from the teacher I was in big trouble... One time my teacher called and left a message... i got a beating, just because she called and left a message after hours..... Turns out she wanted to ask my mother to have me bring in some paper plates for a party and to let her know,. I was improving in math... and my Dad's response... "that's for something I didn't catch you doing"

    Those days are long gone. Sorry to hear you're dealing with this....

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    There is no doubt inner-city kids are the worst, and the reason is its because its where the trash of the world flock to live. I live out in the boondocks with good 'ole civilized country folk, just sitting back and playing the banjo. Our county murder rate is like 1 murder every 5 years.

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    So, you don't think they can feel, see your prejudice. Wow and the only reason you are on here is to get some validation.

    Well, I am sure you are going to get it. This particular venue is full of ppl that have psychological such as you.

    I feel sorry for you and your "inner city kids".

    I have said so many times that ppl from all around the world look at American Blacks with disdain and here you are a teacher doing the same.

    Now as far as you calling them punks, you are just as childish.

    So go ahead with the thumbs down. I don't enjoy it but I can handle it.

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    This is the result of 40 years of education reform. What was wrong with the way things used to be? If a kid behaved like that in school back in the day, he'd be picking his teeth out of his *ss after the teacher belted him.

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    I don't think you are doing your job very well. As a teacher you are supposed to be leading these children, and it is obvious you did not earn their respect. Trying to demand something that you did not earn is only going to push them further from you. You are the adult, and you are in a leadership position so I suggest you do one of 2 things. Either quit your job because you are not fit to teach or lead, or buck up and learn how to gain the respect and authority over this group of kids you are talking about. It honestly sounds to me that you may be projecting this onto the kids, and they are just running with it.

    Either learn to lead and do your job right or take the Janitor position.

    I grew up on the east coast. My grandmother lived in the real projects. I was a white kid with Red hair, and I went to Catholic school for a bit. The Catholic school teachers felt the same way about me that you do about these kids, because I was lower middle class Irish. I didn't give my teachers grief like I know these kids are doing to you, but my teachers labeled me hyperactive, and alienated me from the rest of the students. I was told from a very young age that I would turn out bad, and I never did. Often I was the one telling my friends the idea they had was bad.

    Seriously I am not saying these kids are in the right either, but they are kids, and they need someone to step up and lead them properly.

    I really don't think that Pittsburgh, PA is anything like Orange county either.

    Can I give you some advice on how to win them over? First off when they fist bump don't sweat it. Don't make a sour face at them and do not project your prejudice upon them. When they act up and disrupt your class pull them out of the class room and talk to them one on one like a man or woman.

    I have been jumped by every color of humanity out there pretty much, and I never stopped fighting. Don't be a victim be a leader!

    Oh and to the person who said you should be able to knock their teeth out remember some folks fight back. I had teachers hit me and I always laughed at them that tends to un nerve them badly.

    Source(s): Being alienated by teachers for 7 years at Catholic schools.
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    Kids will be kids. Some have respect some don't. Usually if you give kids respect and a chance, they will respect you and give you a chance as well. This is especially important when you are indeed dealing with kids who may be troubled or have issues with people in authority.

    Sounds like you just dislike black people/kids to me since you made it quite obvious which "group" you were referring to.

    You're supposed to be a role model, not in judgment of these kids and their races.

    Do what teachers are supposed to do... make a difference in their lives.

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    As sad as I find your story, the ones who wanted to be lawyers, even though it's because they supposedly make loads of money,(not all lawyers do) encourage me because a lot of people in "that group" don't want to succeed scholastically because they are taught that is "selling out", or, to use an older term, "Uncle Tomming".

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    not all inner city kids are like that , and alot of people who act up are really okay when you get to know them , but some of them have never been taught right from wrong , looks like you have a real challenge on your hands just do not show any fear

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