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What is the volume of the human skeleton?

I've been looking around for the answer to this question for a couple weeks now. What is the total volume of an average adult skeleton via the water displacement method.

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    What an interesting question. how much bone material are we made up of? If you leave the bones whole, it occupies a box about 3 feet long, 1 foot wide and 10" tall. This then contains all of the long bones and the skull. The skull by volume takes up a lot of the space. But if you crunch the bones up into a powder, it will all fit into a box about 6" on a side (1/4 cu ft). If you burn the bones, it takes up even less.

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    There are many differences between the male and female human skeletons. Men tend to have slightly thicker and longer limbs and digit bones, while women tend to have narrower rib cages, smaller teeth, less angular mandibles, and less pronounced cranial features such as the brow ridges and occipital protuberance (the small bump at the back of the skull). Most prominent is the difference in hip bones, owing to differences related to the process of reproduction, and very likely also to the biological process of sexual selection. There are a number of smaller differences between human male and female skeletons as well.

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    Density of human is same as water 1 ft3 = 62 lbs. If average weight is 180 Lbs then slightly less than 3 cubic feet

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