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What are the side affects of taking chlorophyll?

1tsp in a glass of water everyday?

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    I don't understand how it's at all beneficial, I strongly suspect it's another fad, that will die away in time.

    People believe that it cures bad breath and acts as an "antioxidant", the very concept of the "antioxidant" is now in dispute, with a recent article in the Lancet suggesting that it's mostly marketing, frankly.

    I wouldn't bother, as it's not particularly active in the human metabolic system anyway, but I can't see there being any side effects, knowing the chemical structure of the compound.

    Source(s): MBChB (British equivalent to MD) Senior House Officer in the Royal Victoria Hospital, Belfast.
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    I just started taking the liquid chlorophyll about a week a go. I havent noticed any side affects what so ever .The good news is that drinking Chlorophyll has no toxic effects and is very safe. The bad news is that it doesnt taste so great. To me it kinda has a spearmint flavor to it. My doctor has recommended that I drink it all day. You might check out this website if you want to know more about it.

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    cholorphyll, as in the stuff in plants??? eh?

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