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What is a vegetable that starts with every letter of the alphabet?

I need a list of vegetables that start with each letter of the alphabet.


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    Fat hen

    Horse Radish

    Napa Cabbage

    Yau choy


    I don't think there is one for every single letter, but you can cover most of the alphabet

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    A - artichoke/asparagus

    B - broccolli/bok choy/brussel sprouts/beets/bell peppers

    C- cauliflower/cabbage/carrots/corn

    D - dill /daikon

    E - eggplant/edameme beans/endive

    F - fennel

    G - gourd/green onion/green beans

    H - head lettuce/habanero pepper/horse radish

    I - iceburg lettuce

    J - jalapeno/jerusalem artichoke

    K - kale

    L - lettuce/leeks

    M - melon/mustard greens/mushrooms

    N - napa cabbage

    O - onion/okra

    P - peppers/potato/peas

    Q- qunioa

    R - raddiccio/radish

    S - spinach

    T - tomato/turnip

    U - urugula

    V - vine leaves

    W - watercress

    X -

    Y - yam

    Z- zuccinni

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    Well, you can actually eat dandelions...

    dulse or dillisk (it's the same, some kind of red alga)

    fava beans or fennel

    horse beans

    Indian beans

    x = ??????, noooo idea

    yam (aka sweet potato)

    zucchini (aka courgette)

    Source(s): I seem to be obsessed with beans...
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    Fruits are sweeter and take less effort to organize, generally, so I tend to eat more fruits. Unless we could talking caned, but still, you usually heat up the veggies, so another vote for fruit.

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    Haricot bean

    iceburg lettuce




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    D - dandelion

    F - fennel

    H - horseradish

    I - iceberg lettuce

    Y - yam

    gahhh that's hard.

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