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Road bikes vs. Mountain bikes?

Is is a whole lot easier to ride road bikes on the road as opposed to mountain bikes on the road? I have a Specialized mountain bike and tried ridding it on the road for a while and it was like torture. I want to buy a road bike and was just wondering if it was a lot easier to ride road bikes on the road? Probably a stupid question but I'm just looking for how much easier it is.

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    Yes, but a tire change to road tires will help fix this, knobbies just don't roll well on tarmac. Lock out the susp. if you can to keep unwanted motion to a min.

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    Road bikes are a whole lot easier to ride on the road then a mountain bike. You could put 26 x 1.5 inch road tires on your Mountain bike and will help a lot but the shocks will absorb a lot of the energy.

    A road bike will feel like riding a feather when compared to a mountain bike.

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    It is easier to ride a road bike on the road mainly due to the tires and the pressure in them. Mountain bike tires usually have a range of pressures that you are allowed to use depending on the conditions you are riding in. If you plan to use your bike only for the road then yes that is what would be appropriate and easier to operate. Another option would be a hybrid, which is built for mostly road and some light off-road riding. I have a work mate that loves his hybrid because he can use it for various uses depending on his mood. Your question isn't really specific enough, but top riders in the world train differently. Mountain bike pros put in miles on their road bikes or mountain bikes depending on what they prefer so there is no specific answer without a more specific question.

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    I did the opposite...I had a "road bike" and bought a mountain bike...which I found to be torture as well on the roads. Road bikes are so smooth on the can get up to a good speed with MUCH less effort. Depending on the type, most road bikes though are totally useless in anything like dirt, sand, grass, etc. so you need to stay on the road itself. The skinnier the wheel the faster and less effort needed. If you are planning to do a lot of biking on the road, you'll be very pleased with a new bike.

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    If you get a road bike, you will be amazed at the difference. A mountain bike with high-pressure slicks is noticeably slower than almost any road bike.

    If you want to try road racing tires on your mountain bike before spending $$$ for a new bike, I recommend 26x1.25 Primo Racers. Your LBS can look them up.

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    yes they are. on the other hand, road bikes cannot be ridden offroad at all. as mentioned, you can buy a set of road tires for your mountain bike that make a huge difference. I had 1.25 IRC smoothie tires that I got for $15 dollars each, ran them at 90PSI and it felt a lot like a fitness bike. That was when i had a hardtail. now i have a stumpjumper fsr and use continental town & country tires at 1.95 so it doesn't look so weird. if you only ride on the road, get a road bike. if you can afford a mountain and road bike, do that. if you have to choose just one and want to ride on trails get a mountain bike and a second set of tires or tires/wheels.

    I have 3 sets of wheels and 4 sets of tires for my bike.

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    Serious cyclist have 2, 3, or more bicycles, often dedicated to the type of riding they want to do that day. MTB, hybrid, cyclo cross, road, touring.

    Get serious and get a road bike. Lightest you can afford. Be aware that Fit is First. If it doesn't fit, you'll never be comfortable.

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    much easier. but you could buy street tires for mtn bike in 1-3/8 127tpi run at 90 psi makes it a lot easier too.

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    Mountain bikes

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    get smooth, high pressure tires and lock the shocks

    that might make it bearable


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