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i need medical help i am also unemployed have no income and live in gwinnett co.are there any free clinics?

im unemployed because of the economy not because i want to be ive been off work for almost 5 months ive got copd arthritus in both knees and high blood pressure but because i have no means of income no one in the county can help me with any kind of medical help so if anyone out there knows where i might get help please relay it to me THANK YOU

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It would help to know more than Gwinnett County. Although I think you're probably in Georgia.

    Look into medicare, I hear that they can help with things like this. The world isn't like House on TV. You're not going to find a free clinic just down the road, especially in Gwinnett County, Georgia.

    Here's a list anyway.

    Georgia Free Clinics

    Albany Area Primary Health Care, Inc. in Dougherty County

    Athens Neighborhood Health Center in Clarke County

    Athens Nurses' Clinic, Inc. in Clarke County

    Atlanta Children's Shelter, Inc. in Fulton County

    Atlanta Men's Shelter in Fulton County

    Atlanta Women's Day Shelter in Fulton County

    Baker City Primary Health Care Center in Baker County

    Ben Massell Dental Clinic in Fulton County

    Bowen Homes in Fulton County

    Casa San Jose in Fulton County

    Catholic Social Services in Richmond County

    Center for Black Women's Wellness in Fulton County

    Central Presbyterian in Fulton County

    Children's Health Care of Atlanta in Cobb County

    Choice Health Care Center in Dekalb County

    Choice Health Care in Fulton County

    Clifton Springs Health Center in Dekalb County

    Clinic for Education, Treatment and Prevention of Addiction in Fulton County

    Coan Middle School Clinic in Fulton County

    Community Medical Center of Barnesville in Lamar County

    Dawson Medical Center in Terrell County

    Decatur Medical Office (Oakhurst Medical Center) in Dekalb County

    Dia de la Mujer Latina, Inc. in Dekalb County

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