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how come must of you respond to a title like that instead of a normal wrestling question?

it annoys me.....just saying

WQ: Edge v Orton v HBK v Bret Hart v Undertaker v Angle elimination chamber, the enter in the order i said them who would win?

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    I know that feeling!!!


    Starting off Orton and Angle

    1. Edge

    2. The Undertaker

    3. Bret Hart

    last HBK.


    1. Angle Tapping out to the Sharpshooter

    2. Undertaker after a spear

    3. Edge after a surprise RKO after double teaming Hart/HBK

    4. Orton after Sweet chin music

    Final elimination: HBK tapping out in the sharpshooter

    Please note this is not the order of talent/skill just how i would book the match.

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    cause we want 2 easy pts

    WQ: Bret

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    U suck I really wanted to know that!!! : ( but i love to read the titles..

    and Taker

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    Whoever Vince wants to win.

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    because this one brings more heat

    wq:i think kurt angle would win

  • You must like it cause you used it as your title..somebody must cant get many responses*cough*YOU*cough*

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    undertaker if not then the oppotunist edge

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    ''Do you even know that no wrestler even exists, they are all just computer animations. '' - Johnny Bravo

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    wwe is fake anywayz

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