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Im doing a project on George H.W. Bush and I need to know what were his goals when he was president and...?

also what kind of music he liked thanks


ok i said George HW Bush NOT George W Bush theres a difference thanks to the people who actually can read

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    There was also an increase in the minimum wage in 1989, and a recession a year or two later. There was also an increase in the minimum wage in 2007, and a recession about a year or two later. Coincidence?

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    He was Ronald Reagan's Vice President, and I think one of his main goals was to continue Reagan's policies, particularly in the area of the economy. Of course, Operation Desert Storm occurred during his term, where he formed a coalition of many nations to get Saddam Hussein out of Kuwait.

    He pledged "no new taxes" and was haunted by that when he had to raise them.

    The best thing to do is talk to your school or public librarian. That way, you will get good sources, both online and in books. You can't write a report based on stuff from YA. As for what kind of music he likes, that might be difficult, but he did write an autobiography and maybe it's in there.

    I'd bet classical and/or big band era music, but it's just a guess. You need to get the facts, and your library will have them.

    Edit: Duh, Collegen, this is asking about George W. Bush's father, the 41st President. Clinton defeated him based, mostly, on how Bush Sr. had messed up the economy. Of course, that was a picnic compared to the disaster his son left us with.

    OMG, half of you are talking about the wrong Bush. You're obsessed. You're so used to making excuses for W you don't even realize this isn't about him.

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    I think Poppa Bush likes 'elevator music'. I was three years-old or so when he was elected so it is not like I remember the man, but it seems to me his main goal was to continue Ronald Reagan's economic policies for the most part. Old Saddam invaded Kuwait during his presidency and the USA invaded and pushed Saddam back into Iraq much to his surprise because we had funded him during his war against Iran.

    During his presidential campaign his campaign manager, Roger Ailes who now runs Fox News for Ruppert Murdoch, produced the infamous "Willy Horton Ad" which tried to connect a black man who was a convicted rapist who when paroled committed a murder with his opponent, Michael Dukakis. It was widely regarded as ushering in a new level of negative campaign advertising.

    Now that he is an old ex-prez, he likes to hang out with Bill Clinton and do charity work and to go sky diving. Nothing wrong with that. But, most people that I have spoken to didn't regard him as a very effective President because he seemed clueless during a pretty severe recession that took place the last years of his term and most historians give him pretty low marks too.

    Edited to add:

    LOL! Some people seem to think you are asking about his son, George W. Bush. :)

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    You are asking about the elder Bush (41)?

    I don't know that he had any specific goals. I voted for him twice and I have to tell you he was a disapointment to me.

    He was not an ideologue (real conservative) like his son and Ronald Reagan. That is why his Reagan and the younger Bush were successful where the Bush the elder failed.

    Reagan and W believed in certain principals that helped them get reelected and have successful presidencies.

    There is no question however he was and is a very fine man.

    Had he kept his pledge not to raise taxes he would have defeated Bill Clinton.

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    His "Thousand Points of Light" speech stated that he wanted to "stay the course" of the Reagan administration. He did promise no new taxes (however he did raise taxes) and wanted to cut government spending. He was more of a foreign policy hawk than a domestic President although he did sign the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and when the country went into recession, he signed for more unemployment benefits to be given to unemployed workers.

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    Here are two books for you, House of Bush/House of Saud by Craig Unger and The Family by Kitty Kelly. He was an World War II pilot, I respected him for that and wining his presidential bid honestly. There was NOTHING honest about his drunken, weekend warrior son!

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    His goal might be listed in the "Billionairs For Bush CD"

    check it out its got some great songs and provides a look inside BUSHCO,s 8 year rein of power. chow dino

    Source(s): www.billionairs for
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    David L. just about said it all.

    Whatever happened to his weaponry investments with the Bin Laden Family?

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    Pardon all of the idiots who think you're talking about George W. Bush.

    That sums it up best for information without all of the useless, biased opinions other websites will have.

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    he loved rap and his goal was world domination. He almost succeded by getting his son in the house. If he could have gotten another term, he would have crushed the world under his heel. We barely got rid of him and the whole world is struggling to recover. That jerk.

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