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is it normal to have swirl on the back of the head/scalp?? and I'm a dude?

I think I have it ever since when I was a kid

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    Dahlin' you have had it ever since you were born. Everyone has a swirl on the back of the head/scalp. I don't know why, or what purpose it serves other than the head is like an orb so hair just naturally grows in a swirly manner in order to cover the whole head. I have no scientific reason for this, but I think where the swirl is and which direction it swirls are hereditary.

    I had chemotherapy a few years ago and all my hair fell out. The first place it started growing back in was that swirl.

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    Trivia of today: everyone has a hair- 'swirl' that goes right or left (depending upon brain & hand laterality).

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