New to MS Access - Help with store inventory?

My boss knows very little about computers.For the last 30 years ALL store inventory has been done in hand-written spirals.

I'm getting him to switch to using a computer, so we can find all the inventory faster. I want to know when we need to place orders.

My hubby suggested MS Access, instead of Excel because of the capabilities of Access. We are using Office XP Pro 2003.

This is a Costume Store, so items we inventory can be pretty random. So far I have made forms to inventory makeup and a table for the Makeup info to feed into. The categories include: Brand, Item Number, Name of Product, Price, Quantity in Stock and a place for comments.

There are only 3 brands of makeup: Graftobian, Ben Nye and Mehron. Is there an easy way to get a print out of all the makeup items that are one Brand? Or even better would be a print out of each brand that is also in order by item number.

I have to be able to explain this to my computer-phobe boss, or make it otherwise, for lack of better words, idiot proof.

Any help would be appreciated.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    In this particular case, its better to use Excel. you can create a list in excel with autofilters and can sort or print the list the way you want.

    If you still want to use MS-Access you will need to create queries for the brand, sorting can be done in the sql statement of the query. A sample query can be like this:

    "SELECT product.ItemNo, product.ProductName, product.Brand, product.Price, product.Qty, product.Comments

    FROM product

    WHERE product.Brand="Graftobian"

    ORDER BY product.ItemNo;


    feel free to drop me a line or send me your database, and i'd be glad to send it back with the solution.

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    1 decade ago

    that would be easy. Click on the column and choose Filter and it will put it in order for you.

    highlight those columns and print them out

    Although creating queries would be much better for you.

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