What percentage of believers (Christian mainly) do you think believe simply because they choose to?

We all know that most believers are indoctrinated and either believe in hopes of heaven or fear of hell. How many do you think simply believe because they choose to, and realize that most of their 'scriptures' are not historical documents?


Kelly, gutbucket and Dean: All three of you should thank many of the believers who answered for proving the truth of your statements.

Update 2:

Ceiling Cat: I think we've all seen people like that. They make the great folks in their religious community look terrible and ignorant by association.

Update 3:

Purdey EP: One of the very few people I know of who can honestly make that claim. You have my deepest respect dear. *bows*

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    I would say very few, although their indoctrination causes them to think it's a choice.

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    I would say that the percentage is very low. Nobody chooses and all of you that say you did. I am sure that you were taught at home, taken to church,mosque etc. by a parent or more senior family member. 99% of them went through the same process and it is part of the doctrine to bring your children"to come to god your mind must be like that of a child" because whatever you plant into the mind regardless of how ridiculous once the mind becomes an adult it is impervious to logic. I always was an atheist. I never accepted the church despite beatings from church clergy, family and the best efforts of my community when I was a child. Otherwise I would be just like everyone else. Luckily for me logic prevailed and I spent my time on more productive hobbies.

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    As a kid I know I was indoctrinated. As I grew up I did a whole lot of questioning, encouraged by my parents. In college I minored in philosophy and did even more questioning and exploration of my "belief". I didn't really attend church for several years, but through my thoughts and conversations with various friends and after a few interesting experiences, I choose to believe just because I do. I don't fear hell, but I do hope there is a fun place to hang after death.

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    99 % of Christians choose to believe without knowing the truth. The following is hard evidence that God exist.

    Daniel 8:13-14, is not written 2300. it is written 200300.

    Any problem solver can figure out the year, day, hour, minute, and second 200300 days equates to.

    If they divide 200300 by 360, they will find the answer.

    Now that you have the answer, find out the day Abraham Lincoln died, it is the same day Jesus is said to have died.

    Now find out the day Jesus was resurrected.

    CalendarHome.com creates calendars for any year, including 33 AD.

    This is all it takes to understand that God does exist, so why won't you do it.

    If you believe, give me an e-mail and I'll share some mind-blowing stuff with you.

    Source(s): Spirit of Truth
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    First and foremost the Scriptures are historical. Do some research. Use your brain, you'll figure it out.

    Second, I believe because I want to. You (along with many others who don't believe) have a very twisted view of Christianity. You think that we've been nothing but brainwashed from the time we were born. Let me point out that you listen to TV and so called "experts" that have to change their point of view every generation to make sure that they have the public's favor in their views. The Bible does not change, since the truth does not change. I would rather stand for something than be like you and not know what to believe.

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    100% because true "belief" will result in a changed heart and life. Those who are "indoctrinated" or simply want fire insurance against hell, haven't "counted the cost" and made a decision to follow--a decision based on faith, without which, "it is impossible to please God."

    You would be hard-pressed to find a respectable historian who would refute the validity of Scripture as historical documentation. Every time someone has tried to prove the Bible as not historical, archeology has countered at every turn.

    You, by an act of faith, choose to say there is no God. We, by an act of faith, choose to believe and follow. God gives us all the same freedom to choose.

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    Do you have some statistics to support your claim that "most believers are indoctrinated"

    Just so you know, mental assent cannot save a soul. You cannot be saved by osmosis of information.

    The belief that brings forth a true repentance of a heart, the fruit of which is a transformation is not taught, it is experienced through a true encounter with the Living God, so therefore it is most certainly a choice to take up your cross and follow Him.

  • MaMa
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    1 decade ago

    I can only speak for myself. I choose to believe the way I do & the scriptures of the Holy Bible are historical documents. They are a part of history.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    In my opinion some mormons choose to believe because their family and entire community believes.

    But this is the extreme minority.

    Most Christians believe the Bible and its authenticity.

    Unbelievers tend to deny truth and in R&S go so far as to harass and mock.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I have encountered a few that still denied the facts once presented with them. Even claiming that they still chose to believe even if it made no sense.

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    1 decade ago

    With some of the questions/answers posted here, I think many believe "just in case" and "what have I got to lose?"......ala Pascal's Wager

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