Who would win in a fight?

I liked that other guys question so ima do one of my own..

Brian Dawkins vs Hines Ward

Jay Cutler vs Philip Rivers

James Harrison vs Albert Haynesworth

Adrian Peterson vs Bob Sanders

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    1) Brian Dawkins in a slight advantage because he is getting up there with his age.

    2) Jay Cutler...Philip Rivers is a little whiny ***** [who also helped me win big in FF last seas :) ]

    3) This ones a tough one...I'd say Harrison because he has a lot of speed on Haynesworth...Though if big Albert can get Harrison on the ground, he might cleat him int he face and thats the end of that fight.

    4)Adrian Peterson...the guy is a truck

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    brian dawkins thats a no brainer

    Philip Rivers

    Albert Haynesworth

    Adrian peterson but this is a close one

  • Fort90
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    1 decade ago

    Hines Ward! Duh

    Philip Rivers! (jay is a puss E)

    Albert Haynesworth! he is like 340 pounds!

    Adrian Peterson (unless bob jits him in the nuts first!

    Source(s): steelers all day!
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Dawkins would stomp on teresa hines

    rivers would kill culter



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