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How much would a C-section delivery cost in Ohio?

I might be with my husband in USA by the time of my expected date of delivery. I was hoping to have a C-section since i freak out from episiotomy. Anyone has an idea how much would that cost in a state like Ohio-columbus, if i am going to a good hospital, maybe the university hospital.


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    I hope you don't freak out too bad. But unless you are having a high risk pregnancy and there are going to be problems that you can't have a natural birth. Most doctors will not give you a c-section unless there are problems. You are probably going to have to deliver naturally. Good luck to you.

    I live in Ohio about 25 miles south of Columbus. I hear commercials on tv all the time about Riverside Methodist Hospital. It sounds like a good hospital. I had my colposcopy there and the nurses are really nice. There are other hospital like the University, and St Anne's. I have heard good things from both of them. My cousin delivered at St. Anne's and she had a good experience there. Hope you find the right one.

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    I'm not sure where you are from, but here in the US you can't choose to have a c-section, it is a major surgery reserved for medical conditions and emergencies...but you can choose to not have an episiotomy.

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    You don't HAVE to have an episiotomy. Just tell them you don't want it.

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    assuming there are no complications the surgery plus hospital stay would be around 10k

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