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what are some interesting facts about kazakhstan?

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    Location.....Central Asia, northwest of China

    Prime Minister...Karim Massimov

    Religion....47% Sunni Muslim

    44% Russian Orthodox

    2% Protestant

    7% Other

    Workforce.....est in 2007.....8.16 million

    Industry + construction...18.1%

    Agriculture + fishing.......32.9 %



    Independence..December 16,1911 from the Soviet Union

    Kazakhstan is very ethnically diverse. Only a slight majority are ethnic Kazakh.

    Other ethnic groups are:






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    The following youtube videos feature some interesting facts, such as the shrinking of the Aral Sea:

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    The most famous Kazahkstani is probably Nik Antropov, leading scorer for the New York Rangers. He's done superbly since being traded there from the Leafs. (He's actually ethnic Russian, but from Kazakstan.)

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