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What exactly are penile pearls and should I be freaked out?

When I was in the shower, I noticed these white tiny little bumps underneath the head of my penis. After doing some research, I found out that these little bumps are called penile pearls. Should I consult a doctor immediately? Should I be freaked out?

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    nah, lots of guys have them. They do look gross but its not that unusual. Do a google & you will find out more.

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    Pearly penile papules are very common benign lesions of the penis and are more common in men who are not circumcised. They do not spread by sexual activity and are not related to personal hygiene. The resemble genital warts so can be distressing to the patient.

    I would suggest you to consult a dermatologist as there are treatment options available like laser treatments which are safe and effective.


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