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how much i can eat parsley per day?

I eat too much parsley every day almost a small bunch of parsley each day, is it safe? how much i can eat per day?

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    My first instinct on this away! lol But then I looked it up and several sites say you shouldn't eat abundant quantities of it as it can be toxic. Here are a few...


    Parsley should not be consumed as a drug or supplement by pregnant women. Parsley as an oil, root, leaf, or seed could lead to uterine stimulation and preterm labor.[4]

    Parsley is high (1.70% by mass, [1]) in oxalic acid, a compound involved in the formation of kidney stones and nutrient deficiencies.

    Parsley oil contains furanocoumarins and psoralens which leads to extreme photosensitivity if used orally. [5]

    Do not take excessive amounts of parsley as it may become toxic. Do not take the seeds if you're pregnant or have kidney disease. Consult your health care provider before beginning use of any herb.


    Parsley and Oxalates

    Parsley is among a small number of foods that contain measurable amounts of oxalates, naturally-occurring substances found in plants, animals, and human beings. When oxalates become too concentrated in body fluids, they can crystallize and cause health problems. For this reason, individuals with already existing and untreated kidney or gallbladder problems may want to avoid eating parsley. Laboratory studies have shown that oxalates may also interfere with absorption of calcium from the body. Yet, in every peer-reviewed research study we've seen, the ability of oxalates to lower calcium absorption is relatively small and definitely does not outweigh the ability of oxalate-containing foods to contribute calcium to the meal plan. If your digestive tract is healthy, and you do a good job of chewing and relaxing while you enjoy your meals, you will get significant benefits - including absorption of calcium - from calcium-rich foods plant foods that also contain oxalic acid. Ordinarily, a healthcare practitioner would not discourage a person focused on ensuring that they are meeting their calcium requirements from eating these nutrient-rich foods because of their oxalate content. For more on this subject, please see "Can you tell me what oxalates are and in which foods they can be found?"

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    Too Much Parsley

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    how much i can eat parsley per day?

    I eat too much parsley every day almost a small bunch of parsley each day, is it safe? how much i can eat per day?

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    Its not a good idea to eat tofu or soya every day. Soya frequently causes under active thyroid (did for me) which makes you put on weight and means you cant lose weight. You shouldnt rely on either protein bars or vegetables for protein either. Vegetarians replace meat by combining beans/lentils/chickpeas and wholegrains/seeds/nuts. Together the two groups make complete protein equal to meat. For example - black beans in corn tortilla lentil bolognaise with wholewheat pasta lentil stew with wholemeal bread bean curry/chillie/sweet n sour with brown rice chickpea tangine with millet home made hoummus on brown rice cakes lentil shepherds pie for lunch, nut roast for dinner nut cutlets for lunch, bean hotpot for dinner lentil pie with wholemeal pastry lentil dhal with brown rice. falafel in pitta bread black beans, sweetcorn and butternut squash which together make complete protein. its what the vegetarian native americans ate. Goats milk is far healthier than cows milk, and most people dont notice a difference in taste. Eggs are a good source of protein. Dark leafy greens are the only veg which are good sources of protein. Try to have a green smoothie every day. When making your salad, try replacing the standard lettuce (virtually no nutrients), cucumber and tomato with more hearty ingredients. Spinach, rocket, watercress, parsley, turnip greens, pak choi, fresh herbs like basil and oregano, mushrooms, avocado, chopped spring onions, cherry tomatoes, grated carrots or beetroot, sauerkraut, pine nuts, pumpkin seeds, sprouted sunflower seeds, sprouted beans/lentils.

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    thats fine dont worry :) xx

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