Digital Camera Memory Question....?

PLEASE help me out.....Cause I know this has happened to others before........

So, I go out with the boys and get drunk and realize that I have "Lost my camera" only to find out, I left in the front seat.....So after a very heated debated with my wife, I'm looking for a solution to not lose the "Precious Moments".........

I'm looking for real and honest suggestions, and not the typical one word response for points.....

From what I gather, I have 2 options:

1-Download my entire memory card to my computer and delete the physical memory card (rinse and repeat).......BUT what happens if my computer crashes.....

2-Fill up my memory card and buy a new one, and catalog each one for whatever it contains.......

Just looking for the most effective way (In this digital era) to protect my images.......

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    How to keep a back up of your precious moments stored on digital media depends on your personal preference. One of your options is to back up your memory card using online storage services. These services, many of them free, will offer you short time or long time backup for your photos in case you exercise another moment of a judgement lapse and lose another memory card. Uploading photos to an online service can allow you to share photos with family and friends quickly and easily, but it can also be a tedious process if you have a lot of photos to upload.

    One of my favorite ways to back up photos is to take the memory card out of my camera, put it in the memory card reader in my computer, and then save the photos to either a CD (which can only be read by the computer) or better yet a DVD which can be read by computers and the DVD player. CD's and DVD's are an inexpensive way to backup photos, their wide availability, their easy use, and their wide use allows them to be "always on hand" when you need them, and they can be passed along to friends and family members, it's also easy to make copies of them to store them places out of sight, or to keep a backup copy somewhere in case the original disc is lost.

    You can also fill up memory cards, label them, and store them some place, but this can be an expensive alternative to spending a few minutes uploading photos for online storage, or saving them to CD's and DVD's. In the end, you have to figure out what solution is the best for you, in terms of affordability, long term storage, and your individual needs (if you need to access the photos frequently, then using CD's or DVD's or even memory cards is the way to go vs. online storage), if you often give out copies of your photos, then go with a CD or DVD.

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    I checked with the HP website and your camera uses a standard SD memory cars. Its almost everywhere. Cellphone stores, electronic stores, computer store, camera stores. Just bring in where ever and ask for a SD card. Bring your camera if you want to make sure.

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    get an exteranal hard drive, where you store stuff which is important to you

    if your comp crushes you will still have that hard drive because it is separate, this will last you forever because they have a lot of memory and you can just keep it catalogued right on the hard drive

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