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Who hates Israel more?

Is it Hamas? Is it the Palestinians? Is it Roman Catholics like Bishop Richard Williamson? Is it Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad? Is it the Aryan Brotherhood that dominates the white male prison population? Charlie Manson and the Manson family? Southern racists and members of the KKK in the Bible Belt? Reverend Jessie Jackson? Or does simply every one hate the Jews as Tom Lehr sang about in the 60s? Do we need a National Brotherhood Week?

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    6,706,993,152 world beings minus 14,596,217 Jews, minus a million of self-hating Jews equals 6,691,396,935 potential anti-Semites.

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    I'm a Christian and I love Israel and I support Israel's right to defend itself but unfortunately a lot of Jews both in US and in Israel hate Israel.

    I would say that self hating Jews are the most dangerous threat to the Jewish people. Self hating Jews would gladly welcome Hamas or any terror group to wipe Israel off the map and then blame Israel for it's own destruction.

    The self hating Jew will destroy Israel and destroy the Jewish people.

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    Why u r trying to get me declared 'Kaafir' ?

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