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Do you trust your sat nav more than your own common sense?

Ermm HELLOOO whatever happened to looking where you were going?!


*** adding some random comments to make the question show ***

Update 2:

Dunno Dave, it worked though lol

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    No way.I live on a peninsula ,and some satnavs carry the ferry route to Boston as a street.follows the shortest route is directly across the harbor.unfortunately my Lincoln doesn't float.

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    Common sense every time - gave up on sat navs a while back when it took me down a road that had been "converted" into a one way street in London. Turned the corner and was confronted by a double decker bus!! SatNav was ripped out and placed in dustbin when I got home - luckily in one piece.

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    It is extremely worrying that idiots like this are allowed on the road in the first place. Cant anyone think for themselves anymore. Moron, he should be banned for stupidity

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    1 decade ago

    Some people are morons ........

    Why does adding random comments help to make the question show?

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    These people are the reasons we add labels like this

    "Warning: Coffee is Hot, It can burn you!!"

    "Warning: Explosive Device, Can cause injury or death"

    "Warning: Don't feed the bears, You will be eaten" haha i had to throw that one in there!

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    There's one born every day.

    I wont have Sat Nav because they are a pain in the arris.

  • me me
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    What a idiot, surely anyone with half a brain could tell it wasn't a road, and he is a driver by trade, no wonder our roads aren't safe

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    well normally its the young female drivers who get lost more easily, this is due to the scattiness factor of them rushing to work of a morning. We had one that talked, until i let orina loose on it, it just wouldn't shut up,

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    StephJ, I am old enough to be passed satnav and too old for common sense, hell! what a predicament.

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