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20 ingredients commonly used in Chinese food?

Investigate 20 ingredients commonly used in the recipes in Chinese culture

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    No worries! Here are five most commonly used ingredients you can use to create you own Chinese style vegetarian meal!

    1. Mushroom

    The mushroom you see here is actually the dried mushroom, which is also known as Black Mushroom, Chinese Black Mushroom or Dried Flower Mushroom.

    It is an excellent ingredient to add taste and aroma to your dishes. It is also an excellent absorbent which takes in the taste and flavor of your cooking – thus giving you a pleasurable bite; exploding the splendor in your mouth as you chew!

    Because of it's ability to add taste and aroma to the dishes, it is commonly added into vegetarian dishes to add more flavor to the otherwise plain vegetables.

    2. Chinese Wolfberry

    These tiny red seeds has sweet and plain taste, and has found its way into many Chinese soup and dishes. In fact, it is considered to be one of the medicine used in Traditional Chinese medicine.

    It is also used to improve lung functions, strengthen lower limbs, reduce headache and fainting, improve premature ejaculation etc. Current researches have proven that Chinese Wolfberry have anti-oxidant ability, increasing immunity, anti radiation, anti aging and other health effects.

    It is commonly known to have helps improve eye-sight.

    Because of its benefits, Chinese vegetarian practitioner use it widely to enhance nutritional value of their meals.

    3. Bean Curd (Tofu)

    Bean Curd was created by the Chinese, accidentally, in the Eastern Han dynasty. Initially, only monks and priests ate them. However, slowly it was accepted by the masses, and now, it is an indispensable ingredient for most of the Chinese meals, be it vegetarian or not.

    Bean Curd is soft, tender, nutritious and affordable. It can be easily digested.

    It promotes production of bodily fluid to reduce dryness. It also reduces heat and removes toxins; reduces blood cholesterol and the risk of heart diseases; and reduces respiratory and digestive problems.

    You can find Bean Curd in many forms – soft, firm, dried, Bean Curd puff, Bean Curd skin (which we will see next), Jelly form, fermented Bean Curd, smelly Tofu, and many more!

    Because of its wide variety, you'll find it almost in every meal, cooked in many different methods.

    4. Bean Curd Skin or Sheet

    Bean Curd Skin, either in long stick form, or in sheet form, is as popular as Bean Curd.

    This is because it can either be soaked and fry together with the vegetables, or cooked in soup, or in sweet soup. And the sheet form can be used for wrapping in many recipes, e.g. Wanton, Chinese vegetarian sausage etc; or even used to create the popular Chinese vegetarian duck!

    Another indispensable ingredient for Chinese vegetarian meals!

    5. Bean Thread

    Bean Thread or Mung Bean Vermicelli which is also known as Glass Noodles, Cellophane Noodles, or Fenzi in Chinese or Fun See in Cantonese.

    It is commonly used in many Asian countries, and in particular - Chinese vegetarian dishes.

    Although it is a form of noodle, and may be eaten as noodle, when these slender and gelatinous noodles are soaked, they become soft and slippery, springy and translucent. They’re almost flavorless, but they are a good absorbent which absorb the taste of their accompanying sauce or broth.

    Because of that property, it is added into dishes for more bite and flavor, and is commonly found in the famous vegetarian meal - Luohan Zai (The Dish of The Arahant)

    So, here you are - the 5 most commonly used ingredients which you can also use to create your own Chinese vegetarian meal today! Enjoy your meal today!

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    Chinese Food Ingredients

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    Chinese Rice Wine

    Chinese Dried Black Mushrooms




    Spring Onions

    Oyster Sauce


    Rice Vinegar

    Sesame Oil

    Soy Sauce

    Chili Paste

    Peanut oil

    Water chestnut

    Bamboo Shoots

    Hoisin Sauce


    Wood Ear

    Winter Melon


    Fermented Black Beans

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    This Site Might Help You.


    20 ingredients commonly used in Chinese food?

    Investigate 20 ingredients commonly used in the recipes in Chinese culture

    Source(s): 20 ingredients commonly chinese food:
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    1, jasmin rice

    2. soy sauce

    3. oyster sauce

    4. sesame oil

    5. ginger

    6. garlic

    7. onion

    8 noodles

    9 beansprout

    10 leafy green vegs e.g. bok choy, pak choy, choy sum

    11 mushrooms, dried and fresh

    12 dried foods e.g. dried shrimp, dried scallops,

    13 shallots, spring onions

    14 meat, beef chicken pork lamb duck!

    15 fish

    16 tofu, e.g. firm tofu, silken tofu

    17 soybeans, fermented or dried

    18 eggs

    19 cornflour

    20 rice vinegar or rice wine


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    Depends on the area of China. Northerners use a lot of wheat, and Sichuan food uses some distinct spices that I don't know much about. But my Cantonese boyfriend uses a lot of these in his meals:

    - Jasmine rice

    - soy sauce

    - garlic

    - ginger

    - green onion

    - XO sauce

    - oyster sauce

    - hoisin sauce

    - fish paste

    - shrimp

    - tofu (various kinds - fermented, puffed, silken)

    - apricot kernels (for Cantonese soup)

    - goji berry (for Cantonese soup)

    - duck (roasted is common)

    - meat/fish balls

    - red bean paste

    - green leafy vegetables (gai lan, bok choy, watercress)

    - abalone (for special occasions)

    - shark's fin (for special occasions)

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    For the best answers, search on this site

    rice- long or medium grain noodles- traditionally Northern china Sesame oil _ brown fragrant, not clear Tofu. many varieties & textures Fish, all kinds, fin and shellfish pickles, many kinds, especially cabbage sea vegetables, fresh and dried ginger, a main flavor agent soy sauce. a basic salt flavor beans, many kinds fresh, dried , femented shark fin, not used daily, expensive bird nest gelatin, expensive additive to a spec. soup bamboo shoot, used as a vegetable, fresh and canned lichee nut, a small fruit for dessert winter or bitter melon, used for soup or a vegetable dish garlic, used in most food preparation chile peppers, used in different regions peanut- can used in main dishes or sweets lamb - used in N. China after Muslim influence Special Variety meats: Organ meats are used in very creative ways for health, and the special flavor they have. They are appreciated more than in the West.

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    white rice, Wild rice, Soy Sause

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    ginger, soy sauce, wasabi, rice, curry

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