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Guys Answer: Would I make a good Girlfriend?

I have always been the friend of the guy I like and never the girlfriend. I would just like to know what is it that I am doing wrong.

1.) I am a feminist and I have very strong beliefs when it comes to women being equal.

Example: when its like competition or something where I am put a against a guy. I make it a personal point to kick the guy's butt.

2.) I will not have sex until I am married. Meaning NO oral sex, NO sex of any kind. And apparently when I tell a guy that, they give me this look like WHAT! She isn't gonna put out?!

3.) I have two brothers both over 6 ft and when the girl's 6 ft 2 older brother opens the door and he has like tattoos all over his arms. For some reason they become like Holy crap! he's gonna kill me if I look at her.

4.) I am not very stereotypical girl, I don't like the color pink and I don't like dresses. Also I do not wear make up. But yes I do wash my face, shave, & all that cleaning yourself stuff. But I do not care if I get dirty.

5.) I do not drink or do drugs of any kind. No way in you know where will I ever do anything like that. And I do not like to be around people who do that.

6.) I go to church almost every Sunday but basically since I was five I have been going to church. But I am not very religious at in fact I am more liberal than anything.

7.) I am very shy. But once you get to know me I become very loud and talkative.

8.) I am not afriad to be honest but I try to do it in a nice way.

9.) I do not back down from anyone. I never have and never will.

10,) I will hit someone upside the head if their doing something stupid.

11.) I can be a drama queen especailly when its something I am passoniate about. ( like animal rights, women's issues)

12.) I am not a size 2 and probably will never fit into anything with a single digit. But I'm okay with it, I am happy and healthy. But I do sometimes think to myself why I can't I look like that girl on TV.

So what do you think? Would I make a good girlfriend or I'm I always to be the friend of the guy I like.


When I said I would hit someone upside the head it means I will call them out on it. I'm sorry for not wording it correctly. And I don't mind guys opening doors, & pulling out chairs. Its when they start trying to be controlling and not letting me make my own decisions is when I get mad. As for church, like I had am NOT very religous. However I do go to chruch because its something me and my dad have been doing since I was five. As away to spend time to together and because my Dad thinks its improtant.

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    I think you can make a good girlfriend just try to cut some slack to the person you like. Don't be so hardcore. Relationships are all about give and take. You both have to be mutual about your decisions, now if he's an asshole that's a different story. Only fate can tell who you're going to end up with.

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    There are some points you say that can scare a guy, and some that have not really any importance. The ones I see problems with are:

    1) it's ok to be a feminist, but you sound like you're more of a feminazi, specially if you make a point of beating a guy just because he's a guy. Would you like it if it were the other way around? How would you feel if a guy told you that he should always beat girls?

    2) This will scare a lot of guys away. It's ok, you'll still find guys but the number of guys willing to put up with this will become much smaller.

    8) there's a difference between being honest and being rude. I hope you know it.

    10) This is a big turn off, would you like to be hit on the head everytime you made a mistake?

    11) BIG TURN OFF

    Those are the problems I see. It's up to you to change them or stay the way you are and be the friend of the guy you like. Whatever you decide, it's ok.

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    Maybe for someone else, I don't know anyone who's crazy enough to take that plunge especially me for a number of reasons. First of all I like to treat a lady nice, take her out, open doors for her & things like that & if you're going to go crazy on me for doing so its just not going to happen. Question for you, do you still think a man should pay for everything on a date? Second, you don't drink or smoke so that's a problem for me. I don't mind the not smoking so much, but I drink & I would like to have a drink with my girl every now & then, play some pool. Third you go to church, I'm not into crazy church girls. I'd rather spend my Sundays having a bar-b-q and drinking a few beers, watching football or basketball with my girl. Fourth, men don't like drama queens even if it is for a legitimate thing for animal's rights where you go to extremes and start dumping paint on peoples furs & things like that. To crazy for me.

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    you totally shut me off liking reading this when you said "IM A FEMINIST!!"

    like women are equal

    but the way you put it out there

    your making them sound better

    and thats kinnnnnnda hypocritical

    now ive dated chicks before that wouldnt "put out" untill married, and that works for a while but you need to atleast make the exception of sexual activities but not intercorse (oral, hangjobs/fingering and such) because you can not fully trust someone till you have complete trust with someone, and no matter how patinet you are about waiting till marrige its pretty much bull crap... so if you want to do that you better make sure he feels the same way and wants to wait or he'll go crazy

    i dont know, i personaly wouldnt date you, not going to lie, but you do sound like a well rounded person with a great personality, and if he can get past the hard headidness then you guys are in the clear :))

    (ps, never judge yourself to someone on tv, its so bad :S )

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    I know you are asking for a guys answer, but from a girls perspective, I think that you are naming all these qualities about you like BAM BAM BAM! And that you aren't really saying... I like to do this, do that, hangout and watch a movie at home, or go out to dinner blah blah. All these points make you sound like you're coming off too strongly. You'll scare the guys away. And I'm not saying that the list you made was wrong, I'm just saying you're coming off as up tight. Like hitting someone in the head if they're (not their) doing something stupid? It may be stupid to you, but what if it's not to them...

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    2.) I will not have sex until I am married. Meaning NO oral sex, NO sex of any kind. And apparently when I tell a guy that, they give me this look like WHAT! She isn't gonna put out?!


    Yea.. thats whats keeping you stuck in forever friendzone. Your going to have to seek out a guy who feels exactly the same way about the waiting til married bit.

    ALL of the other personality traits you've mentioned are fine.

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    Well, you haven't told us about the guy you like.

    If you want it to work, you may well have to step up make it happen. I can't find anything overly wrong with you myself, but I'm not the guy you're interested in.

    No offense intended, but If you're not the type to back down, why are you considering it? you're talking out of both sides of your mouth there.

    Besides, you're YOU and no one else.

    In any case, I think you'd be a great conversationalist and probably very insightful on alot of things...and to me that scores more than looks any day of the week.

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    Maybe you should have confidence and be a little more open minded. the sexiest thing a women can have is confidence. i feel like sometimes your passion for feminism gets in the way. i'm not trying to bring it down or make fun of it but if thats all you want to talk about it gets annoying. you can still be a feminist and not fight every single thing that may be sexist

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    You'd make a good girlfriend for the right guy who is looking for someone like you. Is it the guy you have in mind? That, we can't possibly know. Try flirting with him maybe and see if he picks up on it?

    That could also make your relationship suffer, but relationships require someone to take a risk and move first. Since you seem to be confident, why don't you make the first move?

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    Your brothers wouldn't bother me. I'm 6'6", so we'd probably get along fine, your brothers and I. You seem like a nice enough person, as long as you don't get crazy about your religion (I can handle other issues, but a girl being to forceful with her religion is a big turn off.)

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