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1.我們做的questionnaire的scale規模較小,只有165份, 得出來的結果並不能全代表所有人的意見,或許多做至500份,結果便會更全面。


2.因為我們只是學生身份,社交圈子較夾窄,故能認識高收入、高學歷的working class women有限, 所以focus group interviewees的數目亦較少。

除此之外,我們較難尋找高收入、高學歷的working class women作為我們問卷的對象。

3.因為project有time limitation,只有數個月的時間做這份報告,所以我們做問卷調查方面,時間亦十分趕急,並沒有足夠的時間給予我們訪問更多的target customer.


4.因為project 的字數要在 8000 內,不能寫得太少,故對我們造成一定的壓力。

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    My version, hope it helps.


    Due to the respective limitations in conducting the survey for this

    research, the conclusions are only exploratory. Further examinations

    and verifications are yet to be conducted.

    1. The scale of our survey is relatively small with only 165

    completed questionnaires. The outcome does not reflect the

    views of everyone. The result could be more comprehensive

    if at least 500 questionnaires could be completed. Moreover,

    due to the online format of this survey, the source of respondents

    could not be accurately controlled. Therefore, there are possible

    discrepancies in terms of the results.

    2. As students, our social network may be relatively narrow. Our

    connection with working-class female with high income and

    education is therefore very limited, resulting in a low number of

    interviewees in our focus group. Responds from working-class

    female with high income and education are also very scarce in our

    online survey.

    3. Due to the time limit of this project, with only a few months to

    complete this report, we did face timing issues when conducting the

    survey. There was insufficient time for us to interview more target

    customers. If we were allowed a longer time frame, more interviews

    could be conducted and the outcome could be different from the

    current results.

    4. With the word limit of 8000 words, we are pressured not to write

    too little for the report.


    在 (1) 中, 你意思是控制受訪者來源或是監察呢?

    控制 是 controlled

    監察 是 monitored

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    Because of this study in the survey on the limitation, its conclusions was only exploratory, pending further study and confirmed.

    1.We do questionnaire of ¯å, only smaller 165 copies, the results were not nengquan on behalf of the views of all, or many do to 500, the result would be more comprehensive.

    plus in become an online questionnaire, and cannot be completely accurate control of the respondents of sources.Therefore, perhaps some deviation.

    2. Because we only are students in my capacity as compared with huatochiachi narrow social circle, thus recognizing high income, the high degree of the working class women focus group limited, so the number of interviewees also relatively small.

    In addition, we find it difficult to find high income, the high degree of the working class women as our questionnaire of the object.

    3. There is a time limitation because the project, only a few months time to do this report, so we do a questionnaire survey, time is also very anxious to catch, and do not have sufficient time to give us access to more target customer.

    If time can be a little longer, then we will be able to access more respondents, the results may vary with now.

    4. Because the number of words you want to project in 8â, unable to write too little for us a certain amount of pressure.


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