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我LEE排無啦啦系上堂時會胸痛有時左胸有時右胸 我今年13碎.女仔


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    At your age, there is a ripid surge of hormone to stimulate the growth of breast ducts and tissues, that will cause pain in many girls. When you get older, the pain will go away.

    It is ok since both breasts are painful, so it is result of hormonal change. If you find that only one breast or part of the breast is painful, then you need to see doctor to find out if there is a cyst. No need to worry about cancer at your age.

    If you didn't not mean your breasts but your chest, i.e.pain is deep inside, then see doctor to check check- that is usually due to some minor irritation or inflammation of thoracic membrane. Minor issue, no worry again.

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