Walt Whitman question?

Was Walt Whitman put into a specific category forexample Romanticism or transcendentalism? i'm doing a term paper on him and we have to explain how the author reflected or changed their era or style of writing. i also need an internet source for this

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    Walt Whitman changed both the language and the meter of poetry. Until Whitman no one would speak of "the belched sound of my voice," or "my barbaric yawp."

    You may have notice that most of Whitman's best poems are written in free verse. He was among the first poets to use this form.

    The search for new forms tends to be a romantic trait.

    For an internet source, try www.whitmanarchive.org.

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    Walt Whitman was one of the poets that belonged to the transition period from Transcendentalism (the uniquely American "school" of Romanticism) and realism. What this means is that you find elements of both Transcendentalism and realism in his poetry.

    Some of the Transcendentalist elements of his poetry are

    - his optimistic belief in humanism (the basic goodness and divinity of the human spirit)

    - his feeling of connectedness with nature and the natural world

    - his sense of being an individual playing a role in a larger world, being part of an essentially benevolent "cosmos"

    Realistic elements include

    - free-verse style, which allows him to write poetry that sounds natural, prosy, and conversational

    - accurate descriptions of settings, including icky details (rotting leaves, etc)

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    Bridge between transcendentalism and realism, if I remember correctly. Try Googling Whitman and see what you get. There are some good sites out there on him.

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