Essay about love in Les Miserables?

i have to write an essay about the types of love used in the book Les Miserables, i know the basics what to write about, but if anyone wants to add on and maybe explain what you think, it would help alot. thanks.

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    Javert= the law

    Cosette= Marius

    Fantaine= Cosette

    Val Jean= Cosette

    Marius= Cosette

    Eponine= Mairus

    The Tharinders= Money

    Source(s): The book/broadway musical
  • 1 decade ago

    Javert~Love of the law. Or maybe not love, but it's ingrained into him so deeply that when met with Valjean's mercy he kills himself. The law was all Javert has.

    Eponine~unrequited love with Marius.

    Enjolras~Believes in freedom and democracy so deeply that he declares it his "mistress" (I think).

    Grantaire~There was some controversy with him when we discussed it. I want to say he 'loves' Enjolras but it might not be the best word. He talks about Enjolras like he's a god and looks up to him. I think it's because Enjolras can be so passionate about something when Grantaire is just cynical and drunk. So Grantaire might have 'loved' Enjolras because he is something that Grantaire can never be.

    Uh...hope that helps somewhat

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    i think of you're on a roll with Love, Justice, and Mercy tbh I actual cherished Les Mis to products i'm a extensive fan if it have been me i could be writing a internet site on each and every. of path i could in all probability wind of with 4 pages due that the 1st para. having to be your commencing. basically relate the affection, Justice, and mercy to the thought-approximately Les Mis and you will ace it with flying hues. additionally watch some clips of Les Mis's play on you tube. it's going to enable you to to to work out the expressions of each and every of the characters. Love continually: Jada Blaze

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