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Should Obama make the middle class tax cut permanent?

The tax cut in the stimulus is only temporary

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    What tax cut? There is no tax cut. It's smoke and mirrors.

    Go to your cable bill and look at what you pay for a PEG fee.

    Keep an eye on that number and others like it. That's how the socialists plan to get your money. Right through the back door with a tax you never knew you were paying. Pennies, nickles and dimes at a time.

    You'll see it in drug prices, environmental investment, fuel, brokerage fees, insurance premiums, your electric bill, your car repairs and on and on.

    0'Bama's plan is NOT a tax cut. It is a tax rebate. He'll send you a check that he will expect you to spend but, you're smarter than that and you will use it to pay down debt. It will not work on the economy. It didn't the first two times and it won't work this time.

    While he's smiling and make you feel all warm and fuzzy with your check, Charlie Rangle will be standing behind you with his hand in your pocket.

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    The tax cut in the stimulus is so temporary, it isn't even a cut , it is simple manipulation of the tax table. If you don't have it canceled by extra withholding, you could end up owing next year. That addresses you statement. Mow for your question. In a word, YES.

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    Letter I wrote to the President;

    I enjoyed your conference tonight, it spelled everything out again for me, you have my complete confidence. FYI, I am watching PBS showing of frontlines "Growing National Deficit". It is quite eye opening, I can't see how anyone can refute the devastation wreaked upon our country by GW Bush after watching it. Are you frustrated by the misleading GOP propaganda that seems to side step facts and and focus on cost only? I feel that if some of them were to watch and understand what is said in this documentary more people would understand the complexities of the budget. It really irritates me the way the right passes around such degrading dirt. They don't understand and just parrot phrases, they are not giving your plans honest evaluation. God Bless You

    Source(s): Watching this show should explain to you that because of the cost of Medicaide etc. it is inevitable that everyone's taxes will go up eventually.
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    middle class tax cut. The only thing that should be taxed is the cigarettes and beer. tax tax tax it all. Tax it till they don't buy it anymore.

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    Any measly little "Tax Cut" will be Completely Eclipsed by the Cost EVERYONE Will Have to Pay For Obama's Cap and Trade Policy.

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    Do these freaking people still believe that the tax cut hasn't come through even though they've gotten checks that show it on the stub? Or are they just to dumb to read the stub?

  • It is already being overridden. When his cap and trade program takes effect, those making over $140K will not get a tax credit to offset the huge increase in their energy bills.

  • As of tonight there is no tax cuts- the Pelosi congress took it out and Obama didn't say anything that suggested he wants it back in! Obama made it sound like they didn't realize how much they needed to socialize America and give health care free to illegal immigrants!

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    There will be no tax cut for the middle class. When are the American people going to wake up and realized that they have been duped?

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    Well, given that the cost of EVERYTHING is going to rise, this little bitty temporary cut you speak of isn't going to help much. Not that I wouldn't want to keep all of my hard earned money that I could...but up to $13 a week? The inflation will eat that up fast. Besides, the way Obama is going, the dollar will be crap. Going to be a sad, sad day when the peso is worth more.

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