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Does this illustrate that Obama supporters either don't understand his economic plan or don't care?

Earlier I asked:

How come Obama supporters always talk about "facts" but never provide any?;_ylt=Aoojt...

I also gave an open invitation for ANYONE to explain how Obama's economic plan would work AND succeed.

So a grand total of TWO people actually posted an argument in defense of Obama's economic plan.

The first was this (notice how he talks about "some";_ylt=ArS4_...

The 2nd provided a link to another question that said "The 3 countries with the highest standard of living in the world all have socialist policies. Norway, Sweden, Canada."

While a third claimed he had facts but that the ignorant right wing just ignored them, so he stopped trying. He referenced the first guy's post as proof of how "facts" don't work.

The rest of Obama supporters simply ignored the question by calling it a straw man or didn't answer and gave thumbs up to the people mentioned above.

So what do you make of this??


g........I didn't think it was magic, but apparently so. Please email me this "long" explanation if you would be so kind .

Update 2:

michael n........"All we can do is look at history, and make a projection based on the best information we have."

Well at least we agree on that. Perhaps we're reading two different history books ;)

Update 3:

smarty kat.....but then one could assume you never had facts to begin with.....

Update 4:

michael n......I'll send you an email over the next few days.

Update 5:

pesky.....that was thoroughly uninformative.

Update 6:

g.......that's what I thought :)

Update 7:

g.........I actually did look thru quite of few of your

You're just as clueless as the rest. You just word it better :)

I've also realized your irrational hatred of "cons" (the use of the phrase says VOLUMES) probably stems from the fact that you live in South Carolina. Suggestion: don't project YOUR state onto EVERY other state.

There is a DIFFERENCE between social conservatism and fiscal conservatism, you conveniently lump the two together.

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    While I agree with Democrats on social issues, this just goes to show you that many of them don't understand economics. Oh, and Bush was not a true Conservative economist...

    he was just a bible thumping idiot who identified with that part of the Republican party. He spent way too much money for me to ever consider him an economic conservative.

    Source(s): EDIT: I'm a social liberal and an economic conservative... wish there was a party for me :(
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    Obama is trying to handle an extremely difficult situation that he recently walked into. What would you have him do? Nothing? Nothing about health care? Which makes it so our manufacturing can't compete in the global economy and which really sucks for those of us who don't have any. Maybe we should just ignore the whole dependence on foreign oil situation? Which helped our gas prices to get to 4 something a gallon. Maybe we shouldn't invest in renewable energy so we can continue to be at the mercy of these foreign oil tycoons in turbans because the Saudis are such good allies and they'll take care of us. Or how about education maybe your kids go to all of the best private schools and are destined to be in the Ivy league colleges in the future but mine are in over packed classrooms with under paid teachers. So maybe we should ignore all of these seriously neglected problems because we don't have any money because your boy Bush has taken us from being on track to pay off the national deficit and actually having a surplus with a his tax cuts on the filthy rich and his war of aggression on Iraq a country who did not attack us and who did not have the capability to do so.Or should he maybe continue on with the failed Bush policies? Where were all of you concerned conservatives over the last 8 years while Bush was spending away on all this crap? Oh yeah you were kissing King George's dumb a**. Maybe instead of asking ignorant questions in this forum you should pull all of Bush's butt hairs out of your teeth stop regurgitating the views of Hannity and Rush and actually listen to the questions the reporters are asking as well as our Presidents responses.

    Source(s): Common sense you flippin morons. If we do nothing now we'll have nothing later!
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    no they read alttle from a site which doesn;t give all facts so they take exerps from that but no very few understand it as does any of the senate. But as the democrat senate same for the people. anything barry says is ok with them,

    They are little too late on the homeowners anyway. most have already lost them and the ones that haven;t lost jobs. what the hey. I think barry probably missed some people on the hill he promised money anyway.barry probably hasn;t paid all of the people in the senate he promised money too.

    I don;t even listen to his crap anymore i wait for fox or net.wprld to tell me..

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    They don't understand the significance of the unethical economic disaster of his plan nor do I think they care to look at the truth of the big picture..He is their Messiah,their pied piper.They appear as lemmings raceing to run ignorantly over the cliff.

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    No. It's always a mistake to generalize from the group of crazies on Yahoo Answers.

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    We liberals couldn't care less. Today the Republican Party is rooting for doom. And since the Republicans are now anti-American members of an Obama-must-fail insurgency, lies become a self-fulfilling prophecy: talk doom, and keep the economy in a panic and we may get what we wish for.

    Don't conservative Republicans object to the lies? No, because the Republicans don't have any actual and traditional conservative followers left. The Republican base is now made up of religious and neoconservative ideologues, and the uneducated white underclass with a token person of color or two up front on TV to obscure the all-white, all reactionary all backward -- there-is-no-global-warming -- rube reality. Actual conservatives, let alone the educated classes, have long since fled.

    The Republican religious nuts are rooting for Jesus to "rapture" them, not for America, and the neoconservatives are rooting for war and the Israeli hard liners, not for America. Truth (and sanity) are out the window.

    So, what is the problem with lying to our faces, say, claiming that all American's taxes are going up when 95% of American's taxes are going to go down? Why not claim Obama is a socialist, even if he's not? Why not say anything at all to drive our country into a pit when losing is seen as winning? That, is all the Republicans have to offer America: more lies on a path to destruction from which the Republican "leadership" plans to resurrect themselves and "save" America from Obama.

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    Lets just cut to the chase. They do not care. As long as the government has cradle to the grave care, that is all they want.

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    You complain about me not giving you a specific number, and instead using the word "some". Nobody knows this number. Anyone who claims to be able to tell you this number is flat out lying to you. All we can do is look at history, and make a projection based on the best information we have.

    Would you prefer that I just BS my way through the explanation, and put some number in there, based on what supports the views that I already have? This is what many of the pundits do.

    All you have done on these forums is talk about how liberals don't use facts, and quote Adolf Hitler. How about using some facts of your own? I took the time to respond to three of your inane questions in a legitimate way today, and you come back at me about using the word "some" for a number nobody on the planet can pin down.

    There's absolutely no pleasing you.

    "perhaps we're reading two different history books"

    I have no reason to believe that you base any of your views on history or fact. You only have said that you don't agree with mine. What books are you basing your view on? Which economists have you studied?

    I'm treating the current economic crisis as a similar situation as the oil shock in the mid 1970's. An expert on economics and monetary policy named Tom Mayer wrote a great book on this topic, and he discusses issues like this in great detail.

    What economics texts are you using for your own projections?

    I'm not interested in being your pen pal. I responded to your question informatively and honestly, and here you are nit picking the fact that I was unwilling to make an assumption that I have no business making (quantitatively, what the inflationary effect of this temporary $1T cash infusion will be).

    Post your information as a question, so we can all make sure your facts are legit, your assumptions are sound and your ideas come from history and common sense, not from rhetoric.

    Source(s): Here's a review of Tom Mayer's book
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    They are so hypnotized that they do not want to recognize his failing policies. I see nothing that he has done is for the good of the country.

    I did not vote for him because I saw right though his speeches, but I was ready to give him a fair chance. Today I am even more disappointed than when he was running.

    He seems to want to imposed his ideology at all costs. No matter what is good for America.

    It has been less than 3 months and I am completely sick of it.

    May God have mercy on us.

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    Why bother with facts when smears & sharp attacks work so much better?

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