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If you smoke marijuana alot, will you stop feeling the high?

Will you stop feeling the high?

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    you can develop a bit of tolerance to it -- like you and a friend new to it take two hits and maybe you come down a few minutes earlier, or know how to handle yourself better. but i doubt you'll stop feeling high anytime soon so stop worrying. wait until you're like... 50 or something, and wasted hundreds of dollars smoking like an ounce a day.

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    The more you smoke the more you'll need to feel the same high.

    for example when you first start it probably only take a few hits for you to get high. And pretty soon you are doin an entire pipe then more and more to get that same high you felt the first time.

    If you are having a problem you should seek help a doctor wont and cant turn you in to the police. I know everyone thinks marijuana isn't a big deal but it can lead down a dangerous and expensive road.

    Good luck and Take care.

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    It's your BROTHER'S LIFE and there is NOTHING you can do to 'stop him' yourself ... nor should you even TRY. You MAY tell your parents that he 'told you' he's smoking pot, but other than that, you haven't actually 'seen anything' ... the 'things' you noticed could be stress related, in which case smoking pot would HELP and not HARM him at all. Yes, I have had 'experiences' with this ... I began smoking pot in high school and dropped out (from BOREDOM) in my senior year, and I kept smoking pot for years ... including the years I went to college (with no diploma and no GED!) and became a PSYCHOLOGIST. My grade point average was 4.5 where 4 is an A (so I graduated with an A++) ... in other words, I don't really see anything wrong with the pot smoking. YOU might have to think about what your parents would do as far as your brother is concerned ... they may want him to 'quit' or they may force him to quit, or they may turn him in to the police, in which case he'll get a 'criminal record' that would be FAR WORSE than what he is doing to his body. You CAN NOT get cancer from smoking pot ... in fact, people who have cancer are often given a prescription so they can smoke pot legally so they can not lose so much weight or live with constant pain. If I were you, I'd just drop it ... but you are you, and the CHOICE about WHAT you should do is UP TO YOU. Beware, though, because if you 'turn him in' he's going to not like you nearly as much any more ... and you may not think that's much now, but it could be in the future, so THINK WELL AND HARD before you make up your mind. By the way, I'm now 57 and don't smoke pot any more ... but if I do get sick enough, my doctor is willing to give me a prescription for it, because he KNOWS I don't want to take anything ADDICTIVE, and that is all I can take now ... I get by, but at least I know I don't HAVE TO ...

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    You don't stop "feeling high" but you don't stay high as long.

    I've been smoking for 4+ years now, and my high isn't compareable to when I first started. Now when I get high it just mellows me out and relaxes me while only lasting for about a half hour to an hour.

    back in the day, I'd be high for hours lol.

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    Some people develop a tolerance, requiring more to get to the same level of a high. Changing strains often helps resolve the issue, as does abstaining for a few days to a few weeks.

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    I learned this in health, but I think you start needing more. You will definitely get high, but I think you need more to start getting that same amount of feeling high as your first time. I suggest not smoking marijuana. You're ruining your life if you do.

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    Potheads have usually been smoking weed for like years and they still always seem to get really fkn high. I smoke weed quite a bit and still feel like I'm floating in the clouds. It also depends on how often you are talking about here?

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    Nope you just raise yer tolerance.

    and it could be raised to the point where you need to smoke like 5 blunts to get high lol

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    And that's usually when people start on the harder stuff.

    How about getting a natural high on life instead?

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